Data Science: Create Teams That Ask the Right Questions and Deliver Real Value

  • 4h 35m
  • Doug Rose
  • Apress
  • 2016

Learn how to build a data science team within your organization rather than hiring from the outside. Teach your team to ask the right questions to gain actionable insights into your business.

Most organizations still focus on objectives and deliverables. Instead, a data science team is exploratory. They use the scientific method to ask interesting questions and run small experiments. Your team needs to see if the data illuminate their questions. Then, they have to use critical thinking techniques to justify their insights and reasoning. They should pivot their efforts to keep their insights aligned with business value. Finally, your team needs to deliver these insights as a compelling story.

Insight!: How to Build Data Science Teams that Deliver Real Business Value shows that the most important thing you can do now is help your team think about data. Management coach Doug Rose walks you through the process of creating and managing effective data science teams. You will learn how to find the right people inside your organization and equip them with the right mindset. The book has three overarching concepts:

  • You should mine your own company for talent. You can’t change your organization by hiring a few data science superheroes.
  • You should form small, agile-like data teams that focus on delivering valuable insights early and often.
  • You can make real changes to your organization by telling compelling data stories. These stories are the best way to communicate your insights about your customers, challenges, and industry.

What Your Will Learn:

  • Create data science teams from existing talent in your organization to cost-efficiently extract maximum business value from your organization’s data
  • Understand key data science terms and concepts
  • Follow practical guidance to create and integrate an effective data science team with key roles and the responsibilities for each team member
  • Utilize the data science life cycle (DSLC) to model essential processes and practices for delivering value
  • Use sprints and storytelling to help your team stay on track and adapt to new knowledge

Who This Book Is For

Data science project managers and team leaders. The secondary readership is data scientists, DBAs, analysts, senior management, HR managers, and performance specialists.

About the Author

Doug Rose specializes in organizational coaching, training, and change management. He has worked over twenty years transforming organizations with technology, training and helping large companies optimize their business processes to improve productivity and delivery. He teaches business, management, and organizational development courses at the University of Chicago, Syracuse University, and the University of Virginia. He also delivers courses through LinkedIn Learning. He is the author of Leading Agile Teams (PMI Press, 2015) and has an MS in Information Management and a JD from Syracuse University, and a BA from the University of Wisconsin-Madison

In this Book

  • Understanding Data Science
  • Covering Database Basics
  • Recognizing Different Data Types
  • Applying Statistical Analysis
  • Avoiding Pitfalls in Defining Data Science
  • Rounding Out Your Talent
  • Forming the Team
  • Starting the Work
  • Thinking Like a Data Science Team
  • Avoiding Pitfalls in Building Your Data Science Team
  • A New Way of Working
  • Using a Data Science Life Cycle
  • Working in Sprints
  • Avoiding Pitfalls in Delivering in Data Science Sprints
  • Understanding Critical Thinking
  • Encouraging Questions
  • Places to Look for Questions
  • Avoiding Pitfalls in Asking Great Questions
  • Defining a Story
  • Understanding Story Structure
  • Defining Story Details
  • Humanizing Your Story
  • Using Metaphors
  • Avoiding Storytelling Pitfalls
  • Starting an Organizational Change


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