Database-Driven Web Development: Learn to Operate at a Professional Level with PERL and MySQL

  • 2h 28m
  • Thomas Valentine
  • Apress
  • 2021

Learn to operate at a professional level with HTML, CSS, DOM, JavaScript, PERL and the MySQL database. With plain language explanations and step-by-step examples, you will understand the key facets of web development that today’s employers are looking for. Encapsulating knowledge that is usually found in many books rather than one, this is your one-stop tutorial to becoming a web professional.

You will learn how to use the PERL scripting language and the MySQL database to create powerful web applications. Each chapter will become progressively more challenging as you progress through experimentation and ultimately master database-driven web development via the web applications studied in the last chapters.

Including practical tips and guidance gleaned from 20+ years of working as a web developer, Thomas Valentine provides you with all the information you need to prosper as a professional database-driven web professional.

What You'll Learn

  • Leverage standard web technologies to benefit a database-driven approach
  • Create an effective web development workstation with databases in mind
  • Use the PERL scripting language and the MySQL database effectively
  • Maximize the Apache Web Server

Who This Book Is For

The primary audience for this book are those who know already know web development basics and web developers who want to master database driven web development. The skills required to understand the concepts put forth are a working knowledge of PERL and basic MySQL.

About the Author

Thomas Valentine has 20 years of experience as both a professional web developer and writer. He is a LAMP, Perl, PHP and MySQL web developer, programmer and expert. He writes for various magazines and web sites and has been a technical consultant for large scale, database driven web sites such as and Texas Instruments (

In this Book

  • Database-Driven Web Development Fundamentals
  • Perl CGI and MySQL Essentials
  • Essential MySQL Skills
  • Nuts and Bolts
  • Practical JavaScript Concepts and Projects
  • Images: Uploads and Scripted Manipulation
  • Installing and Using the Perl Server
  • Installing and Using the MySQL Database Server
  • Installing and Using the Apache Web Server
  • A Database-Driven Menu System