Defending Your Reputation: A Practical Guide to Crisis Communications

  • 1h 35m
  • Simon Taylor
  • Thorogood
  • 2001

If there's only one rule, it is that those organisations that have planned and prepared always do better than those which have done nothing.

You almost certainly have detailed procedures in place for dealing with fire, theft, IT failure and so on. But do you have any sort of crisis contingency plan for protecting your reputation. Organisations, large and small, spend huge amounts of time and money on promoting their products, services and image. In today's world, a good name can be destroyed in a few hours.

Simon Taylor, an expert in crisis management, explains the ways in which preparation and effective communication make all the difference in defending your reputation and placing it in the best possible position to recover. At a time when all organisations face public scrutiny to a far greater extent than ever before, his Report will help managers in all kinds of organisation, commercial, public and not for profit.

About the Author

Simon Taylor is a Senior Consultant with Ergo Communications, a leading strategy communications consultancy working in London and Brussels. Simon has 20 years of experience advising major companies and organisations on crisis and issue communications. He was Strategy Director and Head of Corporate & Public Affairs, advising major clients on public affairs and crisis and issue management.

In this Book

  • The Corporate Reputation – Your Most Valuable Asset?
  • Principles of Good Crisis Communication
  • Dealing with the Media
  • Crisis Planning
  • What Happens During a Crisis and Guidelines for Response
  • Issue Management – Crisis Prevention
  • Rebuilding and Conclusions