Deploying QoS for Cisco IP and Next Generation Networks: The Definitive Guide

  • 7h 30m
  • Brett Chapman, Vinod Joseph
  • Elsevier Science and Technology Books, Inc.
  • 2009

Deploying QoS for IP Next Generation Networks: The Definitive Guide provides network architects and planners with insight into the various aspects that drive QoS deployment for the various network types. It serves as a single source of reference for businesses that plan to deploy a QoS framework for voice, video, mobility and data applications creating a converged infrastructure. It further provides detailed design and implementation details for various service deployments across the various Cisco platforms such as the CRS-1, 12000, 7600 & 7200 series routers that are widely deployed in most Carrier Networks.

The book covers architectural and implementation specific information plus recommendations for almost all the popular line cards across the various hardware platforms widely used in the market. It also addresses QoS architecture and deployment on the Cisco CRS-1 platform and is considered as a unique selling point of this book.

In short the books serve as an "On the Job Manual" which can also be used as a study guide for Cisco specialist certification programs (CCNA, CCIP, CCIE)

This book will includes detailed illustration and configurations. In addition, it provides detailed case studies along with platform specific tests and measurement results.

About the Authors

Vinod Joseph is a Service Provider Solution Architect for Cisco Systems Asia Pacific and has over 15 years of industry experience. Vinod provides architectural design, advisory services, and service support to a number of large carriers and operators in the Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East, and Emerging Markets regions. These organizations include Telekom Malaysia, BSNL India, Beijing Communications Corporation (a subsidiary of China Netcom), Vodafone Middle East, Telekomsel Indonesia, and Tata VSNL India. The network deployment in Tata VSNL India is the largest metro Ethernet triple-play network in the world; this deployment, for which Vinod was the technical leader, involved one of the largest network integration projects ever undertaken.

Vinod 's responsibility includes the planning and design of large network architectures, together with guiding deployment and providing operational advice. At Cisco Vinod has overseen the deployment of MPLS-IP in both enterprise and service provider environments. He has also been largely instrumental in helping carriers migrate quad-play applications to IP NGN infrastructures.

Prior to joining Cisco, Vinod worked with a large consulting and professional services partner of Juniper Networks, helping to build some of the largest service provider and carrier networks in Asia.

Vinod holds dual Master's degrees in business management and computer engineering from the United States.

Brett Chapman is a Service Provider Solution Architect for Cisco Systems Singapore. Brett is responsible for the design and implementation of large, multiservice IP networks in the Asia Pacific region. Previously Brett worked as a senior network consultant for Pacific Bell in California. Brett holds a Bachelor's degree in electronics and communication engineering from the University of Canberra, Australia.

In this Book

  • The Evolution of Communication Systems
  • Introduction to Cisco's Quality-of-Service Architecture for IP Networks
  • Class-of-Service Requirements for Quad-Play Networks
  • Carrier CE Services in Cisco IP NGN Networks
  • Quality of Service for IP Mobile Networks
  • QoS Service Assurance
  • Cisco CRS-1, 12000, 7600, and ASR1000 Router Architecture
  • Cisco IOS and IOS-XR Quality-of-Service Implementation for MPLS Layer 3 VPN Services
  • Cisco IOS and IOS-XR Quality-of-Service Implementation for Carrier Ethernet and Virtual Leased-Line Services
  • Cisco IOS and IOS-XR Quality-of-Service Implementation for IP Internet Services
  • Cisco IOS and IOS-XR Quality-of-Service Implementation for Multicast Services
  • Proof of Concept for Verifying QoS Behavior in Cisco IP NGN Networks
  • Performance Monitoring and Measurement
  • Summary


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