Design And Architecture Of Oracle RAC/ASM Clustered Solution

  • 9m
  • Armando Rodriguez
  • EMC
  • 2014

Demand for high performance, high capacity, workload-optimized data warehouse and analytics solutions have never been higher. The ability to extract information from today’s large scale data warehouse environment requires a flexible, highly scalable storage solution that provides demonstrable return on investment required in today’s competitive environment. EMC’s VNX® MCx Multi-Core platform provides a balance of performance, capacity, capital cost, and operating cost that is unrivaled in the industry. This article will explore a scale out, building block approach for a multi-cluster Storage Grid architecture utilizing VNX with an Oracle RAC (Real Application Clusters) data warehouse solution.

In this Book

  • Design and Architecture of Oracle RAC/ASM Clustered Solution
  • Business Challenge
  • Design Philosophy
  • Building Block Description
  • VNX MCx multi-core technology Benefits
  • VNX 8000 Building Block
  • Storage Grid Design utilizing VNX MCx 8000 Building Blocks
  • Seven important design considerations for the Storage Grid
  • Manage efficiently by leveraging EMC Storage software tools
  • Conclusion
  • References