Design Thinking for Business Growth: How to Design and Scale Business Models and Business Ecosystems

  • 4h
  • Michael Lewrick
  • John Wiley & Sons (US)
  • 2022

Reinvigorate your innovation approach with business ecosystems

In a business ecosystem, different companies collaborate along and across previously sacrosanct industry barriers, encouraging innovation and the development of groundbreaking new products and services.

Design Thinking for Business Growth delivers an eye-opening, fresh approach to designing and scaling business models and ecosystems. In this book, Michael Lewrick delivers a comprehensive procedural model for the design, development, and implementation of business ecosystems. He also presents the most critical design methods and tools you’ll need to make your own ecosystem a success.

  • Fleshed out case studies and examples of companies with successful business ecosystem initiatives
  • A mindset for business growth, including the use of “design lenses” and the exploitation of momentum and speed to facilitate innovation
  • Practical exercises to better understand and implement the ideas discussed in the book

Perfect for founders, managers, and executives in industries of all types, Design Thinking for Business Growth also belongs in the libraries of product managers, department heads, and non-profit professionals who wish to better understand how to develop new and innovative ideas that lead to company growth and success.

With a topical view of the design paradigm, Design Thinking for Business Growth complements the international bestsellers The Design Thinking Playbook and The Design Thinking Toolbox.

If you are ready to apply a new design thinking mindset for remarkable business growth, Design Thinking for Business Growth is your ultimate tool for success.

About the Author

Author Michael Lewrick has worked very intensively in recent years on the mindset that enables us to solve different types of problems. He is a bestselling author, award-winning design thinking and business ecosystem design thought leader, business entrepreneur and visiting professor at various universities globally. His ideas, books, and company, Lewrick & Company, help mobilize people around the world to better lead innovation, digital transformation, and business growth in an era of increasingly rapid change.

In this Book

  • Foreword
  • Motivation for This Book
  • Ten Mindshifts for Business Growth
  • Introduction Design Thinking for Business Growth
  • Definition
  • Exercise—Start Thinking in Ecosystems. Now!
  • Ecosystem Strategy
  • Design Lenses Toolbox
  • Reflection on Design Thinking for Business Growth
  • Examples of Design Thinking for Business Growth
  • A Final Word
  • Bibliography