Designing Brand Identity: A Complete Guide to Creating, Building, and Maintaining Strong Brands

  • 4h 14m
  • Alina Wheeler
  • John Wiley & Sons (US)
  • 2006

This innovative approach -- blending practicality and creativity -- is now in full-color!

From translating the vision of a CEO and conducting research, through designing a sustainable identity program and building online branding tools, Designing Brand Identity helps companies create stronger brands by offering real substance. With an easy-to-follow style, step-by-step considerations, and a proven, universal five-phase process for creating and implementing effective brand identity, the book offers the tools you need, whether a brand manager, marketer, or designer, when creating or managing a brand. This edition includes a wealth of full-color examples and updated case studies for world-class brands such as BP, Unilever, Citi, Tazo Tea, and Mini Cooper.

About the Author

Alina Wheeler applies a dynamic process to help enterprises express their brands. Her clients include entrepreneurial companies and foundations whose leaders embrace the future. Wheeler collaborates with strategists, designers, and managers, seizing every opportunity to build brands and provide compelling customer experiences.

Wheeler speaks frequently to management and creative teams in companies, as well as to business and design students at universities. She introduces branding fundamentals, identifies brand trends, and connects their relationship to innovation and business.

In this Book

  • Perception Overview
  • Brand Identity Ideals
  • Brand Identity Fundamentals
  • Process Overview
  • Phase 1 Conducting Research
  • Phase 2 Clarifying Strategy
  • Phase 3 Designing Identity
  • Phase 4 Creating Touchpoints
  • Phase 5 Managing Assets
  • Case Studies
  • Bibliography