Developer Relations

  • 4h 2m
  • Caroline Lewko, James Parton
  • Apress
  • 2021

Increasingly, business leaders are either looking to start a new developer program at their company or looking to increase the impact of their existing DevRel program. In this context, software developers are finally recognized as legitimate decision makers in the technology buying process, regardless of the size of their organization. New companies are appearing with the sole purpose of making tools for developers, and even companies whose primary focus was elsewhere are waking up to the developer opportunity. Even as the need and demand for DevRel has grown, there are still re-occurring challenges for DevRel leaders.

It is these challenges that this book addresses, covering all aspects of a DevRel program. It is an essential reference to professionalize the practice of developer relations by providing you with strategic, repeatable, and adoptable frameworks, processes, and tools, including developer segmentation and personas, and developer experience frameworks.

In Developer Relations, you’ll find the answers to the following questions:

  • How do we convince stakeholders to support a program?
  • How do we go about creating a program?
  • How do we make developers aware of our offer?
  • How do we stand out from the crowd?
  • How do we get developers to use our products?
  • How do we ensure developers are successful using our products?
  • How do we measure success?
  • How do we maintain the support of our stakeholders?

In this Book

  • What is Developer Relations?
  • Where Does Developer Relations Fit?
  • The Origin of Developer Relations and the Rise of the Developer
  • The Value of the Developer Economy
  • The Audience: Developers
  • Developers as Decision Makers
  • Developer First and Developer Plus: Classification of DevRel Organizations
  • Business Models and Monetization Strategies: Business to Developer (B2D)
  • Developer Products: Determining Value and Finding Fit
  • Company Goals and Alignment
  • Program Goals: Setting Your Strategy and Plans
  • Developer Segmentation
  • Developer Personas
  • Messaging
  • The Developer Journey
  • Discover: Is This of Use to Me?
  • Developer Experience: Product and Docs
  • Evaluate: Will It Meet my Needs?
  • Learn: How does It Work?
  • Build: Can I Build a Proof of Concept?
  • Scale: Can I Build for the Long Term?
  • Developer Marketing: Tactics for Awareness, Lead Gen, and Relationship Building
  • Events: In-Person and Online Events
  • Sales: Myth-Busting — DevRel and Sales in Harmony
  • Community: You are Here to Serve
  • Metrics: Measuring and Monitoring Goals and Activities
  • Team: Getting the Right People on the Bus
  • Program Phasing: From Zero to Maturity
  • Epilogue: Turning Theory into Action


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