Developing Applications Using REXX

  • 2h 23m
  • Skillsoft
  • 2003

Gain an understanding of how to implement various data structures such as, matrices, stacks, queues, and trees in REXX. In addition, how to implement techniques such as, hashing, recursion, searching, and sorting are also covered.

In this Book

  • Implementing Matrices Using REXX
  • Implementing Hashing Techniques Using REXX
  • Implementing Stacks in REXX
  • Implementing Queues in REXX
  • Implementing Recursion Using REXX
  • Implementing Trees Using REXX
  • Processing Expressions in REXX
  • Searching Techniques
  • Sorting Techniques Using REXX
  • How to Implement Graphs Using REXX


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