Developing Java Web Services

  • 8h 33m
  • Ramesh Nagappan, Rima Patel Sriganesh, Robert Skoczylas
  • John Wiley & Sons (US)
  • 2003

This hands-on developer’s guide to Web services prepares you for the next level of contributed computing. The authors clearly show how to implement and deploy Web services using Java while also explaining the fundamentals from the ground up. After providing a detailed introduction to Web services, they walk you through the Web services architecture and its core building blocks, including standards and technologies. You’ll then learn how to develop Web services solutions using Sun Java Web Services Developer Pack (JWSDP 1.0) APIs and how to expose you J2EE applications as Web services.

Focusing on concepts, technologies, and practical techniques, the authors:

  • Discuss the evolving standards landscape for Web services, including the important developments to ebXML
  • Present the Web services architecture using Java as well as building Web services from existing J2EE applications
  • Explore and implement a case study using the Sun JWSDP 1.0 APIs
  • Demonstrate Java Web services interoperability with Microsoft .NET
  • Walk through emerging Web services security standards and demonstrate how to implement security in Web services
  • Provide examples using Sun JWSDP 1.0, BEA Weblogic 7.0, Apache Axis 1.0B3, Systinet WASP 4.0, Exolab CASTOR, IBM XML Security Suite, and Microsoft .NET

About the Authors

Ramesh Nagappan is an Enterprise Java Architect at Sun Java Center. With twelve years of experience, he specializes in the design and implementation of Java, CORBA, and XML-based distributed computing architectures for Internet applications, enterprise messaging, and Web services. He has also coauthored books on J2EE and EAI.

Robert Skoczylas is an Enterprise Java Architect at Sun Java Center. With extensive experience in object-oriented technologies, he focuses on the design and implementation of large enterprise applications using Java and XML technologies.

Rima Patel Sriganesh is a Technology Evangelist at Sun Microsystems. She specializes in Java, XML, and Integration platforms. Her areas of technology passion include Distributed Computing Models, Trust Computing, Semantic Web, and Grid Computing Architectures.

In this Book

  • Developing Java Web Services
  • Foreword
  • Introduction
  • Evolution of Distributed Computing
  • Introduction to Web Services
  • Building the Web Services Architecture
  • Developing Web Services Using SOAP
  • Description and Discovery of Web Services
  • Creating .NET Interoperability
  • Introduction to the Java Web Services Developer Pack (JWSDP)
  • XML Processing and Data Binding with Java APIs
  • XML Messaging Using JAXM and SAAJ
  • Building RPC Web Services with JAX-RPC
  • Java API for XML Registries
  • Using the Java Web Services Developer Pack—Case Study
  • Web Services Security
  • Introduction to Sun ONE
  • Further Reading


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