DevOps, DBAs, and DBaaS: Managing Data Platforms to Support Continuous Integration

  • 2h 51m
  • Michael S. Cuppett
  • Apress
  • 2016

On the Dev side, DBAs evaluate change requests to ensure compliance with organizational best practices and guard against degradation of database performance and the validity of dependent objects. On the Ops side, DBAs perform release and troubleshooting activities in support of the application, manage the data platform’s access and security, and monitor and maintain performance of the databases that they have designed and provisioned.

DevOps, DBAs, and DBaaS investigates the complex intersection between DBA functions and DevOps processes. DevOps teams traditionally viewed DBAs as process outliers who disrupt and retard SDLC timelines. At each touch point, veteran DBA Mike Cuppett shows how DBAs can most effectively contribute to decreasing release cycle times and improving product resiliency by applying automation, orchestration, and DBaaS solutions to database administration in ways that dovetail with DevOps requirements and metrics.

At a high level, Cuppett demonstrates the importance of leveling silo walls in the IT supply chain and of measuring application performance holistically by reference to satisfaction of customer requirements and end-user experience. At a technical level, he drills into topics and case studies on diagnosing and resolving problems commonly encountered by DBAs and DevOps teams when meshing database management with application delivery.

What You Will Learn:

  • Understand techniques and best practices at all points of collaboration between DBAs and DevOps teams in product development
  • Use tools for measuring DBA inputs to DevOps processes by using the holistic criteria of end-user experience and business requirement
  • Integrate open source database technologies with DevOps
  • Know when to decouple application and database layers and move to DBaaS models
  • Overcome language and mindset barriers between DBAs and DevOps teams

Who This Book Is For:

DBAs who are leaning toward or already involved with DevOps and DevOps engineers, team leaders, developers and product managers who are already working with DBAs or planning to integrate DBAs in DevOps teams. The secondary readership is executives and managers in companies that practice DevOps.

About the Author

Mike Cuppett is a Business Resiliency Architect for a Fortune 25 healthcare organization, where he currently strives to apply DevOps methodologies to Disaster Recovery programs. Previously, he was charged with application and infrastructure reliability, availability, recoverability, and performance as a Solutions Engineer. Cuppett draws on three decades of experience as a DBA and IT engineer in the US Army and the private sector, culminating in a succession of management and senior technology positions at large companies in database administration, solutions engineering, and disaster recovery. Cuppett writes frequent articles on Oracle DBA issues and the business dimension of DevOps for LogicalRead, Oracle Technology Network, and APM Digest. He took his BS in Management and Computer Information Systems from Park University.

In this Book

  • DevOps for DBAs
  • DBAs for DevOps
  • Integrating DBA and DevOps Processes
  • Integrating Database Technologies and DevOps Tools
  • Stateful Data, Stateless Database Schema, and Code
  • Optimizing Application Performance with Change Management Improvements
  • Measuring DBA Inputs to End-User Experience and Business Value
  • Automation and Code Control
  • DBaaS, IaaS, and PaaS
  • Overcoming Language and Cultural Barriers Between DBAs and DevOps


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