DevOps for Dummies

  • 5h 53m
  • Emily Freeman
  • John Wiley & Sons (US)
  • 2019

Develop faster with DevOps

DevOps embraces a culture of unifying the creation and distribution of technology in a way that allows for faster release cycles and more resource-efficient product updating. DevOps For Dummies provides a guidebook for those on the development or operations side in need of a primer on this way of working.

Inside, DevOps evangelist Emily Freeman provides a roadmap for adopting the management and technology tools, as well as the culture changes, needed to dive head-first into DevOps.

  • Identify your organization’s needs
  • Create a DevOps framework
  • Change your organizational structure
  • Manage projects in the DevOps world

DevOps For Dummies is essential reading for developers and operations professionals in the early stages of DevOps adoption.

About the Author

Emily Freeman is a technologist and storyteller who helps engineering teams improve their velocity. She believes the biggest challenges facing engineers aren't technical, but human. She's worked with both cutting-edge startups and some of the largest technology providers in the world. Emily is currently a Senior Cloud Advocate at Microsoft and a frequent keynote speaker at technology events.

In this Book

  • Foreword
  • Introduction
  • Introducing DevOps
  • Designing Your Organization
  • Identifying Waste
  • Persuading Colleagues to Try DevOps
  • Measuring Your Organization
  • Embracing the New Development Life Cycle
  • Planning Ahead
  • Designing Features from a DevOps Perspective
  • Developing Code
  • Automating Tests Prior to Release
  • Deploying a Product
  • Implementing Rapid Iteration
  • Creating Feedback Loops around the Customer
  • DevOps isn’t a Team (Except When it is)
  • Empowering Engineers
  • Embracing Failure Successfully
  • Preparing for Incidents
  • Conducting Post-Incident Reviews
  • Adopting New Tools
  • Managing Distributed Systems
  • Migrating to the Cloud
  • Top Ten (Plus) Reasons That DevOps Matters
  • Top Ten DevOps Pitfalls


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