Dialogue in Organizations: Developing Relational Leadership

  • 5h 20m
  • Megan Reitz
  • Palgrave Macmillan Ltd
  • 2015

In politics, business and society, 'better' leadership and dialogue are seen as antidotes to the paradoxical issues of the modern world. This book illustrates how the compulsion for 'busyness', the assumptions about who leaders are and the adherence to implicitly-held cultural norms threaten the possibility of effective dialogue in organizations.

About the Author

Megan Reitz is Director at Ashridge Business School, UK, where she teaches, supervises, consults and conducts research on issues relating to leadership and organizational dialogue. In addition, she runs her own consulting practice internationally. Prior to joining Ashridge, Megan worked in global professional services and in the internet retail industry.

In this Book

  • Relational Leadership and Dialogue: A Gap in Knowledge
  • Relational Leadership and Dialogue: Applying an Action Research Approach
  • Presence: The Tyranny of ‘Busyness’ and Its Affect on Relational Leadership and Dialogue
  • Rules of the Game and Façade: ‘Being’ Rather Than ‘Seeming’
  • Power and Judgements: Leader–Follower Mutuality
  • Dialogue: Sensing Relational Encounter Amidst Complexity
  • Towards a Theory of Leader–Follower Encounter
  • Relational Leadership and Dialogue: a Personal Reflection