Distribution Channels: Understanding and Managing Channels to Market

  • 5h 19m
  • Julian Dent
  • Kogan Page
  • 2008

Distribution represents about 50% of the activities of almost every industry and is critical to a company's success. Distribution is about more than logistics; it is about accessing and servicing markets and customers, controlling brands, creating differentiation, and improving the business model. This book targets those who are involved in the marketing and distribution of products and services, whether they are working for a supplier, a customer, or another player. It provides a fast track to the issues, measures, relationships and success factors involved in bringing products and services to market, and is especially relevant for those who are looking for guidance in addressing the commercial and financial aspects of their role. It is also relevant to those who are financially literate but new to the concerns of distribution.

About the Author

Julian Dent is Chairman of VIA International, a specialist routes-to-market consulting firm. He has over 25 years of experience in distribution throughout the world, specializing in channel strategy and implementation. His clients have included Barclays Bank, BP, Esso, IBM, Microsoft, Nokia, Subway and Zerox.

In this Book

  • Introduction
  • Why Business Models Matter
  • The Role of the Distributor
  • How the Distributor Business Model Works
  • Margins and Profitability
  • Working Capital
  • Productivity
  • Sustainability
  • Managing Growth
  • How to Sell to Distributors
  • The Roles of the Final-Tier Trade Channel Players
  • How the Business Model of the Final-Tier Trade Channel Players Works
  • Sales and Utilization
  • Gross Margins and Recoverability
  • Working Capital Management
  • Value Creation and Growth
  • How to Sell to Final-Tier Trade Channel Players
  • The Role of Retailers
  • How the Retail Business Model Works
  • The Measures that Matter and How to Manage with Them
  • How to Sell to Retailers
  • Key Ratios
  • Glossary of Technical Terms