Diversity in Coaching: Working with Gender, Culture, Race and Age, 2nd edition

  • 6h 2m
  • Jonathan Passmore (ed)
  • Kogan Page
  • 2013

Written by an international team of 21 coaching professionals from 10 countries, Diversity in Coaching provides guidance on understanding diversity and on adapting coaching styles and techniques to meet individual needs, local demands and cultural preferences. The contributors, including Mary Wayne Bush, Director of Research at the Foundation for Coaching, and Eddie Erlandson and Kate Ludeman of Work Ethic Corporation, look at how coaches can respond to issues of gender, generational, cultural, national and racial difference.

This new edition includes chapters on coaching gay, lesbian and bisexual clients, coaching people with disabilities and working with mental health issues. Diversity in Coaching provides practical information to help coaches respond effectively to issues of diversity.

About the Editor

Professor Jonathan Passmore is one of the United Kingdom's leading coaches. He is a psychologist, an accredited AC coach, a coaching supervisor and he holds five degrees. He has wide business consulting experience, having worked for PricewaterhouseCoopers, IBM Business Consulting and OPM, and as a chief executive and company chairman in the sports and leisure sector. He developed the UK's first masters in coaching psychology and the first online coaching Master's, he now divides his time between a part time role as a professor for leadership and coaching and as a management consultant in private practice. Jonathan is the author and editor of fourteen books and around one hundred articles on organizational change, coaching and leadership. Jonathan is a regular conference speaker, having spoken across the world from Israel to the United States and South Africa to Estonia. He was awarded the AC Coaching Award in 2010 for his contribution to coaching research and practice.

In this Book

  • Cross-Cultural and Diversity Coaching
  • Coaching in Europe
  • Coaching in North America
  • Coaching in Australasia
  • Coaching in South Africa
  • Coaching in Brazil
  • Coaching in China
  • Coaching in the Middle East
  • Coaching in India
  • Coaching in Russia
  • Coaching in Japan
  • Coaching in Central America
  • Coaching with Men: Alpha Males
  • Coaching With Women
  • Coaching People Through Life Transitions
  • Coaching Disabled People
  • Coaching Gay and Lesbian Clients
  • Coaching and Mental Health