E-Commerce Website Optimization: Why 95% of Your Website Visitors Don't Buy and What You Can Do About it

  • 3h 56m
  • Dan Croxen-John, Johann van Tonder
  • Kogan Page
  • 2017

For those running e-commerce websites there are three ways to increase sales: increasing the quantity of visitors; increasing the percentage of visitors who buy from the site; and increasing the amount that visitors spend when they buy. E-commerce Website Optimization goes beyond simply increasing traffic, helping readers to improve conversion rates, increase ROI from online marketing campaigns, and generate higher levels of repeat business. It brings together usability, analytics and persuasion to offer a straightforward and detailed 5-step methodology of how to use the tools and techniques of Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) to increase the e-commerce value of websites. Grounded in the latest theory and research, this will help readers to be well-informed and confident to make the right choices.

Backed up with a range of invaluable case studies, E-commerce Website Optimization is perfect for those seeking to implement a data-driven ethos to their organization's e-commerce programme, based on market-tested and robust split-test methodology used across a range of commercial businesses. It supports all those responsible for online sales within an organization, be they the Chief Digital Officer, Head of Online Sales or E-commerce; or entrepreneurs and owners of small businesses deriving a substantial proportion of revenue from e-commerce.

About the Authors

Dan Croxen-John is CEO of AWA Digital, a global e-commerce conversion optimisation agency. Dan is a certified Web Analyst, a Fellow of the Institute of Direct Marketing, and has served on advisory boards for a number of associations. Dan writes regularly on all aspects of analytics and Conversion Rate Optimisation and has spoken at many international conferences.

Johann van Tonder is COO at AWA Digital. He has used the principles and techniques in this book to deliver massive sale improvements for big and small e-commerce businesses alike. Having trained and coached optimisation teams around the world, he makes complex concepts easy to understand.

In this Book

  • Introduction to E-commerce Website Optimization
  • The Kick-off
  • How People Buy
  • Essential Research
  • Add Depth with Further Research
  • Merchandising Analytics
  • Creating the Optimization Plan
  • Hypotheses and Creative Work
  • Testing Your Hypotheses
  • Personalization
  • Optimizing the Optimization
  • People and Culture
  • Multilingual Conversion Optimization
  • Launching a New Website