E-Logistics: A Guide to Supply Chain Information Systems and Technology, Second Edition

  • 4h 49m
  • Janice Reynolds
  • Kogan Page
  • 2021

Logistics and fulfillment management is unglamorous, complex and expensive, but it is one of the primary factors determining whether an e-business will be profitable. Many enterprises (large and small) rush into the e-business model without adequate knowledge

In this Book

  • E-Logistics Definition, Trends and Directions
  • End-to-End Global Visibility and Order Management—Integrated Supply and Demand Chains in the Age of Value Chain Management
  • B2C E-Commerce and Fulfilment
  • The Challenges of E-Commerce on Warehousing in the Future
  • Advanced Warehouse Management Systems and Innovations—Streamlining E-Logistics Processes with Technology Deployment
  • Automating a Logistics Service Chain—A Telecommunications Company's Perspective
  • Regional Electronic Marketplaces to Improve Logistics
  • Trade and Transport Electronic Single Windows
  • Port-Centric ICT Systems—Building Value in Supply Chains