E-Logistics: Managing Your Digital Supply Chains for Competitive Advantage

  • 9h 8m
  • Stephen Pettit (eds), Yingli Wang
  • Kogan Page
  • 2016

E-logistics--new logistic management practices for the internet--can result in faster shipping times, better customer service, and streamlined information within and between supply chain management companies.

Edited by Yingli Wang and Steve Pettit, this collection features international experts from both academia and industry who examine how competitiveness and productivity in transportation, logistics, and supply chain management can be improved using e-logistics systems and technologies.

Supported by industry case studies, chapters cover:

  • Why e-logistics is so important in effective supply chain management
  • The definition of ICT (Information and Communications Technology) infrastructure and its components in air freight management, rail freight management, and port management and shipping
  • B2C and B2B e-commerce and e-fulfillment
  • E-logistics security, ethical, and legal issues
  • RFID
  • E-logistics development in different sectors such as food, construction, fashion, telecommunications, and healthcare
  • Global supply network visibility
  • Service chain automation
  • Launching a successful e-logistics business model
  • The future of e-logistics and emerging technologies

About the Editors

Yingli Wang teaches logistics and operations management at Cardiff University. For her invention of the concept of Electronic Logistics Marketplaces (ELMs), the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT) awarded her the James Cooper Memorial Cup.

Steve Pettit also teaches Logistics and Operations Management at Cardiff Business School. His recent research has focused on international logistics, port operations and management, and the application of information and communication technology in the fields of transport, logistics and supply chain management.

In this Book

  • E-logistics: An Introduction
  • Supporting ICT Infrastructure for Future Logistics—Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) and Smart Grid
  • ICT for Airfreight Management
  • ICT for Rail Freight Management
  • ICT for Efficient Road Freight Transport
  • Electronic Bills of Lading—Sea Carriage Contracts
  • Port-Centric ICT System—Building Value in Supply Chains
  • B2C E-Commerce and Fulfilment
  • The Challenges of E-Commerce on Warehousing in the Future
  • Advanced Warehouse Management Systems and Innovations—Streamlining E-Logistics Processes with Technology Deployment
  • RFID in Logistics
  • The Role of GS1 in Logistics and E-Procurement
  • Automating a Logistics Service Chain—A Telecommunications Company's Perspective
  • Regional Electronic Marketplaces to Improve Logistics
  • Trade and Transport Electronic Single Windows
  • Single Window Systems for Global Supply Chain Management—A Case Study on South Korea
  • End-to-End Global Visibility and Order Management for Integrated Supply and Demand Chains
  • Ict in Multimodal Transport and Technological Trends—Unleashing Potential for the Future