Eastern Perspectives on Women's Roles and Advancement in Business

  • 5h 43m
  • Ela Burcu Uçel
  • IGI Global
  • 2022

Women all over the world are facing numerous challenges and obstacles in the workplace as gender inequality is still running rampant. To see big change, the patriarchal mindset within business settings needs to be broken. Management education plays a critical role in changing perceptions in business, and as such, gender equality curricula and teaching materials have become valuable tools in challenging the preconceived belief that business is a male domain.

Eastern Perspectives on Women’s Roles and Advancement in Business presents the real-life stories of Eastern women in business, giving particular focus to how these women overcame challenges and broke the glass ceiling. This text explores the problems and challenges, experiences, and strategies of overcoming gender discrimination and inequality. Covering topics such as job engagement, occupational segregation, and social intelligence, this book is a dynamic reference for faculty of higher education, school administrators, librarians, researchers, scholars, women entrepreneurs, businesswomen, managers, CEOs, and students of higher education.

About the Author

Ela Burcu Ucel is a graduate of Hacettepe University, Business Administration. She had the opportunity to experience corporate life for 12 years. Then, she earned a scholarship from Izmir University of Economics and completed her PhD in organizational behavior. She has been teaching management, strategy and HRM at Izmir University of Economics since 2011. She also is an experienced trainer: she actively takes part in adult training programs in mediation, negotiation and culture. She loves teaching, writing, learning, and volunteering. Her areas of interest are gender studies, education management, human resources, and climate change. She is actively learning and teaching these topics and taking part in related research.

In this Book

  • Narrative Practicing of the Meaning of Work—The Gender We Think and Talk
  • Holistic and Critical Perspective to Politics of Dress and the Female Body in Workplace Settings
  • What Turkish Women Need to Advance in Academia
  • Token Image in Male-Dominated Professions and Occupational Segregation Based on Gender—A Study on the Cases Reflected on National News
  • Falling Foundation of Patriarchal Societies—Pink-Collar Female Labor Force
  • Women Entrepreneurs in the Eastern Region of Morocco—Challenges and Opportunities
  • Eastern Women’s Entrepreneurship—Liberating the Enslaved Mind beyond the Patriarchal Gaze
  • The Profile of Women Entrepreneurs—A Contextual Analysis from a Developing Country
  • Exploring the Social Intelligence Impact on Job Engagement—A Research Study on Generation X Women Entrepreneurs at TR62 Region
  • Critical Conceptualization of Women's Entrepreneurship—Reflections on the Turkish Entrepreneurship Ecosystem
  • Conclusion
  • Compilation of References
  • Related References