Emotional Fitness at Work: 6 Strategic Steps to Success Using the Power of Emotion

  • 2h 33m
  • Barton Goldsmith
  • Career Press, Inc.
  • 2009

As the world's economies continue to melt down, Dr. Goldsmith gives us the information we need to help make it through this difficult and scary time. Anyone who wants to keep his or her job--and any leader who wants to keep his or her company afloat--needs to learn how to deal with and utilize the power of emotions.

Packed with simple tools, tactics, tricks, and techniques, Emotional Fitness at Work will help you to see how feelings directly impact your workforce, to do comprehensive evaluations, and to create an empowered team, even if you've never done it before.

Emotional Fitness at Work will cover:

  • Using emotions to work through the recession.
  • How negative thinking affects the bottom line.
  • Truly motivating your team to reach the next level.
  • Reducing anxiety and depression in the workplace.
  • Accepting responsibility and making it profitable.

About the Author

Named by the national press as one of the country’s top experts, award-winning psychotherapist, syndicated columnist, and radio host, Barton Goldsmith, PhD, is an internationally recognized business consultant, author, and speaker. He has appeared on CNN, Good Morning America, Fox & Friends, CBS News, NBC News, Beauty and the Geek, and The Greg Behrendt Show. In addition, numerous radio shows and national magazines have interviewed him. Most recently, Dr. Goldsmith served as the national spokesperson for the Mars Candy My M&M’s Treasured Moments Challenge.

His popular monthly business column has appeared in more than 300 publications, including Entrepreneur, The Atlanta Journal Constitution, The Los Angeles Business Journal, Office Solutions, Successful Meetings, and Brilliant Results. Since 2002, his weekly column, Emotional Fitness, which is syndicated by Scripps-Howard News Service, has run in the Chicago Sun-Times, the Ventura County Star, the Orange County Register, the Detroit News, the Cincinnati Post, the San Diego Union-Tribune, and more than 200 other newspapers, giving him a readership in the millions. His column ranks in the top third of everything the News Service sends out.

In addition, Dr. Goldsmith hosts a weekly radio show on the most award-winning station in Southern California, KCLU/NPR, with 80,000 listeners in Los Angeles, Ventura, and Santa Barbara, where he discusses business and personal issues with a strong fan base.

Dr. Goldsmith is also an accomplished and engaging speaker and has delivered numerous presentations to businesses and associations worldwide. He was a Chairman for The Executive Committee (TEC) and a forum leader and resource speaker for the Young Presidents Association (YPO). He also sits on several boards including Ribbon of Hope and advises successful companies throughout the United States.

Dr. Goldsmith was a National Merit Scholar and a professor at Ryokan College. He received recognition from the City of Los Angeles for his work with survivors of the 1994 earthquake. Dr. Goldsmith is the 2007 winner of the Clark Vincent Award and the 2006 Peter Markin Merit Award for his humanitarian efforts. He was also named as the 2006 recipient of the Joseph A. Giannantoino Award in recognition of his contributions as an Outstanding Educator.

In this Book

  • Emotional Fitness at Work—6 Strategic Steps to Success Using the Power of Emotion
  • Preface
  • Introduction
  • Dr. G’s Top 10 Success Principles
  • Coping With Economic Fears
  • Do You Sabotage Your Success?
  • Look for the Pony
  • The Lost Art of Goal Achievement
  • The Enriching Power of Self-Evaluations
  • “Shrink” Like a Leader
  • Pursuing Failure
  • Outside-the-Box Business
  • The Persian Flaw
  • Remember to Have Fun
  • 10 Tools for Emotional Communications
  • 10 Issue Resolution Preparation Techniques
  • Over Reactive People
  • Repairing Broken Business Relationships
  • Effective Business Communication
  • Innovative Problem-Solving
  • Difficult People in the Workplace
  • Saying the Wrong Thing
  • Resolving Issues at Work
  • Speed Bumps on the Road to Success
  • Leader or Dictator?
  • The Art of Successful Listening
  • Carefrontation
  • 10 Ways We Can Work It Out
  • Keeping Your Word
  • When Life (or the Economy) Hands You Lemons
  • What Others Think
  • Don’t Blame, Shame, or Complain
  • Are You an Innovator or an Implementer?
  • The Art of Compromise
  • Kaizen
  • 10 Reasons Why We Don’t Talk
  • 10 Tools to Plan for Crisis
  • Leading in a Crisis
  • Pain in the Workplace
  • Critical Incident Training
  • Can Your Business Run Without You?
  • Are You a Workaholic?
  • Failures Are Stepping-Stones to Success
  • Problems at Work
  • 10 Tools for Keeping Your Cool
  • 10 Tips for Motivating Your Team
  • Creating a Company Mentoring Program
  • Behaviors of Successful Mentors
  • Mentoring is NOT Therapy
  • Tactics of Great Mentors
  • Recognition—the Power of the Pen
  • Refining Your Mentoring Skills
  • The Magic of Mastermind Groups
  • The Knowledge Lunch
  • 10 Reasons to Not Criticize an Ex-Mentor
  • Encouraging Effective Emotions at Work
  • Finding the Great Leader Within
  • The Leader Evangelist
  • The Non-Secret of Successful Management
  • Catch ’em Doing Something Right
  • The Fish Stinks From the Head Down
  • Dr. G’s Questions for Effective Hiring
  • Do You Run Your Business or Does It Run You?
  • The Awesome Power of the Company Evaluation
  • 20 Leadership Tools You Can Use