Engineering Computations and Modeling in MATLAB/Simulink

  • 11h 3m
  • Oleg Yakimenko
  • AIAA
  • 2011

Engineering Computations and Modeling in MATLAB/Simulink provides a broad overview of The MathWorks’ MATLAB/Simulink/GUIDE development and modeling environment. This textbook shows how to use these software tools effectively in a variety of engineering applications, including modeling real-world dynamic systems.

Concepts Discussed:

  • Major concepts of MATLAB, Symbolic Math Toolbox, Simulink, and GUIDE
  • Development of effective foolproof M-file scripts and functions
  • Use of the 2D and 3D plotting functions and handle graphics
  • Creation of interactive user interfaces and animations
  • Presentation of numerical methods, coded in MATLAB functions
  • Accuracy of digital computations

Special Features:

  • Numerous examples
  • Derivation of fundamental formulas using symbolic math computations
  • Dynamic systems modeling in MATLAB and Simulink
  • Development of user-friendly standalone GUIs
  • Introduction of aerospace engineering tools

This book is used as a textbook by undergraduate and graduate students taking introductory and advanced courses in applied programming, and also as a reference for working professionals using MATLAB/Simulink.

About the Author

Oleg Yakimenko received his M.S. degrees in computer science, aerospace engineering, and operations research from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technologies and Air Force Engineering Academy. He holds two Ph.D. degrees in these areas and is an Associate Fellow of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. Dr. Yakimenko is the author of over 250 publications; his current areas of interest include guidance, navigation, and control of unmanned air, surface, and underwater vehicles, satellites, guided weapons, and parachutes, along with high-fidelity modeling and simulation of these systems.

In this Book

  • Conventions
  • List of Acronyms
  • MATLAB/Simulink as a Technical Computing Language
  • Development Environment and Basic Operations
  • Arrays and Array Operations
  • Data Structures, Types of Files, Managing Data Input and Output
  • Programming in MATLAB
  • 2-D and 3-D Plotting and Animation
  • Symbolic Math Toolbox
  • Accuracy of Digital Computations
  • Numerical Linear Algebra and Eigenvalue Problems
  • Root Finding and Introduction to Optimization
  • Curve Fitting to Measured Data
  • Numerical Differentiation
  • Numerical Integration
  • Initial-Value Problem
  • Simulink Basics
  • Bibliography
  • Supporting Materials
  • Color Plates