Engineering Trustworthy Systems: Get Cybersecurity Design Right the First Time

  • 10h 26m
  • O. Sami Saydjari
  • McGraw-Hill/Osborne
  • 2018

Cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions to defend against the most sophisticated attacks

This professional guide shows, step by step, how to design and deploy highly secure systems on time and within budget. The book offers comprehensive examples, objectives, and best practices and shows how to build and maintain powerful, cost-effective cybersecurity systems. Readers will learn to think strategically, identify the highest priority risks, and apply advanced countermeasures that address the entire attack space. Engineering Trustworthy Systems: Get Cybersecurity Design Right the First Time showcases 35 years of practical engineering experience from an expert whose persuasive vision has advanced national cybersecurity policy and practices.

Readers of this book will be prepared to navigate the tumultuous and uncertain future of cyberspace and move the cybersecurity discipline forward by adopting timeless engineering principles, including:

  • Defining the fundamental nature and full breadth of the cybersecurity problem
  • Adopting an essential perspective that considers attacks, failures, and attacker mindsets
  • Developing and implementing risk-mitigating, systems-based solutions
  • Transforming sound cybersecurity principles into effective architecture and evaluation strategies that holistically address the entire complex attack space

About the Author

Mr. O. Sami Saydjari has been a visionary thought-leader in cybersecurity for over three decades, working for elite organizations, including the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), National Security Agency, and NASA, among others. He has published more than a dozen landmark papers in the field, provided consultation to national leadership on cybersecurity policy, and educated the public through interviews with major media such as CNN, PBS, ABC, the New York Times, Financial Times, the Wall Street Journal, and Time magazine. Follow the author on Twitter @SamiSaydjari and visit and for more information.

In this Book

  • What's the Problem?
  • Cybersecurity Right-Think
  • Value and Mission: Know Thyself
  • Harm: Mission in Peril
  • Approximating Reality
  • Adversaries: Know Thy Enemy
  • Forests of Attack Trees
  • Countermeasures: Security Controls
  • Trustworthy Hardware: Bedrock
  • Cryptography: A Sharp and Fragile Tool
  • Authentication
  • Authorization
  • Detection Foundation
  • Detection Systems
  • Detection Strategy
  • Deterrence and Adversarial Risk
  • Cybersecurity Risk Assessment
  • Risk Mitigation and Optimization
  • Engineering Fundamentals
  • Architecting Cybersecurity
  • Assuring Cybersecurity: Getting it Right
  • Cyber Situation Understanding: What's Going On
  • Command and Control: What to do About Attacks
  • Strategic Policy and Investment
  • Thoughts on the Future of Cybersecurity


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