Environmental Technology and Sustainability

  • 3h 58m
  • Basanta Kumara Behera, Ram Prasad
  • Elsevier Science and Technology Books, Inc.
  • 2021

Environmental Technology and Sustainability: Physical, Chemical and Biological Technologies for Clean Environmental Management provides a dependable source of information on the fundamental scientific evidence involved in environmental protection and sustainable development. The book provides the basic natural sciences that underpin the understanding, development and application of environment technologies that support a clean inhabitable world that includes environmental technologies and sustainable, renewable energy systems. It considers the science and technology for environmental benefits, including the development of both smarter, cleaner technologies for environmental protection, conservation, and more.

In this Book

  • Conceptual Development for a Clean Environment
  • Greenhouse Gas Capture and Conversion
  • Aqueous-Phase Conservation and Management
  • Strategies for Soil Management
  • Air Pollution and Controlling Measures