Essential Excel 2019: A Step-By-Step Guide, Second Edition

  • 8h 8m
  • David Slager
  • Apress
  • 2020

Create, edit, sort, analyze, summarize, and format data as well as graph it in Excel 2019. Chock full of visuals, user-friendly instructions, and reader exercises, this in-depth guide makes it easy for you to get on the bandwagon taking advantage of this powerful software and what it can do. Essential Excel 2019 doesn’t mess around. It provides the most clear and concise, but complete, information you need to successfully use the expansive features of Excel in your work environment.

The second edition of this soup-to-nuts book delivers essential how-to and reference information for users who are new to Excel, those who want to continue building their Excel skills, or anyone who wants to get up to speed on the latest changes and features in Excel 2019. It is heavy on the practical examples and light on the theory, providing a step-by-step process of what you need to do when you are working with Excel. You will begin with the basics, advancing as each chapter builds on knowledge from previous chapters. You will appreciate real-life examples and exercises that reinforce what you have learned, and upon finishing the book, you will have the confidence to use much more than the typical 10% that most people use in Excel.

What You Will Learn

  • Create amazing visualizations of your data
  • Get up to speed on easy and accurate methods for entering data
  • Extract the information you want from imported data; manipulate and format it to meet your needs
  • Export your results to other programs or share with others in the cloud
  • Organize, summarize, filter, and consolidate your data in multiple ways
  • Audit, validate, and protect your data

Who This Book Is For

Anyone new to Excel or looking to take better advantage of the advanced features of the platform

About the Authors

David Slager has been a computer programmer for four decades, with a focus on Excel. He also was head of the computer department of a college for many years. He is currently a software manager. David has worked with spreadsheets since their introduction. As a consultant, he developed major e-learning training projects for agriculture and steel businesses and designed a simulation program that trained feed market managers to use analytics to improve their market position. He enjoys working with analytics and solving problems and has taught learners of all ages and levels. David holds an MS in Education, specializing in Instructional Media Development, a BA in Organizational Management, and an associate’s degree in Accounting, as well as many certifications.

Annette Slager has been involved in data management and employee training in the non-profit and higher education sectors. She has been responsible for coordinating donor stewardship events and processes, and in overseeing information entered into the donor/alumni data system. She has transitioned systems from manual accounting and processing to shared databases, and created learning manuals and training for employees. Annette has a bachelor’s degree in English Literature and a post-baccalaureate certificate in Technical Writing.

In this Book

  • Becoming Acquainted with Excel
  • Navigating and Working with Worksheets
  • Best Ways to Enter and Edit Data
  • Formatting and Aligning Data
  • Different Ways of Viewing and Printing Your Workbook
  • Understanding Backstage
  • Creating and Using Formulas
  • Excel's Pre-existing Functions
  • Auditing, Validating, and Protecting Your Data
  • Using Hyperlinks, Combining Text, and Working with the Status Bar
  • Transferring and Duplicating Data to Other Locations
  • Working with Tables
  • Working with Charts
  • Importing Data
  • Using PivotTables and PivotCharts
  • Geography and Stock Data Types
  • Enhancing Workbooks with Multimedia
  • Icons, 3D Images, and Object Grouping
  • Automating Tasks with Macros


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