Essential Issues in Corporate Social Responsibility: New Insights and Recent Issues

  • 6h 1m
  • Cătălina Sitnikov, Samuel O. Idowu
  • Springer
  • 2020

This book presents the latest evidence on, and new approaches to, the development of Corporate Social Responsibility in emerging and established economies. To do so, it examines a broad range of industries, from fashion to banking, and various aspects, like accounting, information security, and human resource management. Special emphasis is placed on the role of education. The case studies gathered here analyse both small and medium sized companies, as well as listed enterprises.

The book is a valuable resource for researchers in the fields of sustainability and corporate responsibility, provides student teaching cases for courses on CSR and sustainable management, and offers blueprints for professionals seeking guidance and inspiration on their path towards responsible business operations.

About the Authors

Samuel o Idowu is a Senior Lecturer in Accounting and Corporate Social Responsibility at London Guildhall School of Business & Law, London Metropolitan University, UK. He researches in the fields of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Corporate Governance, Business Ethics and Accounting and has published in both professional and academic journals since 1989. He is a freeman of the City of London and a Liveryman of the Worshipful Company of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators. Samuel is the Deputy CEO and First Vice President of the Global Corporate Governance Institute. He is the Editor-in-Chief of three Springer’s reference books – the Encyclopedia of Corporate Social Responsibility, the Dictionary of Corporate Social Responsibility and the Encyclopedia of Sustainable Management (forthcoming), he is an Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Corporate Social Responsibility (IJCSR), Editor-in-Chief of the American Journal of Economics and Business Administration (AJEBA) and an Associate Editor of the International Journal of Responsible Management in Emerging Economies (IJRMEE). He is also a Series Editor for Springer’s books on CSR, Sustainability, Ethics and Governance. One of his edited books won the most Outstanding Business Reference book Award of the American Library Association (ALA) in 2016 and another was ranked 18th in the 2010 Top 40 Sustainability Books by, Cambridge University, Sustainability Leadership Programme. Samuel is a member of the Committee of the Corporate Governance Special Interest Group of the British Academy of Management (BAM). He is on the Editorial Boards of the International Journal of Business Administration, Canada and Amfiteatru Economic Journal, Romania and a few more. Samuel has delivered a number of Keynote Speeches at national and international conferences and workshops on CSR and has on two occasions 2008 and 2014 won Emerald’s Highly Commended Literati Network Awards for Excellence. To date, Samuel has edited several books in the field of CSR, Sustainability and Governance and has written ten forewords to CSR books. Samuel has served as an external examiner to the following UK Universities – Sunderland, Ulster, Anglia Ruskin, Plymouth, Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, Teesside University, Middlesbrough, Sheffield Hallam University and Leicester De Montfort University. He has also examined PhD Theses for a few non-UK Universities from across the globe.

Catalina Sitnikov, is a PhD Professor at University of Craiova in Romania, at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration. She holds a doctorate degree in Management since 2000, habilitation title in Management since 2014 and since February 2015 she has been a PhD supervisor in Management. She was for 3 years a visiting lecturer at Helsinki University of xxi Technology, Lahti Center in Finland. Since 1995, she has been teaching undergraduate, master’s and PhD students. She teaches Quality Management, Total Quality Management and Management. Her main research areas include: management, strategic management, and mostly quality management, instruments and models specific to the stages of quality planning, control and improvement, quality management strategies, ISO standards, CSR from the perspective of specific standards and instruments.

In this Book

  • An Insight into Essential Issues in Corporate Social Responsibility—An Introduction
  • Current Approaches and New Paradigms in Educational Institutions Social Responsibility
  • Corporate Social Responsibility of Romanian SMEs Versus Polish SMEs
  • The Origins of Social Accounting and Reporting in Italy—The Role of Female Scholars
  • Corporate and Social Responsibility Perspectives of Finnish Fashion Retailers and Consumers
  • Role of CSR in Education—Special Emphasis on India
  • Information Security—Component of Corporate Social Responsibility
  • How Socially Responsible are the Romanian Listed Companies?
  • Human Capital and Impact on Sustained Economic Growth in Romania
  • Economic, Social and Territorial Cohesion a Priority for Poland, Romania, Hungary and Bulgaria: Comparative Analysis on Social Cohesion
  • The Impact of Non-financial Reporting on Stock Price—A Case Study of Romanian and Bulgarian Listed Companies
  • Corporate Social Responsibility—An Analysis of Romanian Banks
  • Isomorphisms Between Financial and Sustainability Accounting Some Introductory Notes
  • Voluntary Tax Compliances as a Form of Social Responsibility—Factors of Influences