Essentials of Balanced Scorecard

  • 2h 58m
  • Mohan Nair
  • John Wiley & Sons (US)
  • 2004

Balanced Scorecard is a widely recognized and accepted performance measurement tool that is currently used in thousands of organizations around the world. This book will help to implement the organizations' balanced scorecard strategies into action by defining performance objectives, measures, and targets in four linked and balanced perspectives: Financial, Customer, Internal Process, and Employee Learning and Growth.

  • Explains what balanced scorecard is and addresses the challenges and solutions for its implementation.
  • Addresses the concerns of the mid to small corporation as well as the emerging business
  • Each chapter provides tips and techniques as well as real world examples

About the Author

Mohan Nair is CEO of Emerge Inc., an advisory firm focused on strategy and corporate performance management. Identified as an adventure capitalist, Nair has founded two companies, a venture capital firm, and has taken high-profile executive roles in four high-technology companies. Most recently, Nair served as director, president, and Chief Operating Officer of ABC Technologies. He serves on several non-profit boards including the AeA. For seven years, he taught as an adjunct professor at J.L. Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University of Chicago, and his articles have appeared in numerous publications including Byte Magazine, The Journal of Corporate Accounting and Finance, and The Journal of Cost and Performance Management. A highly requested speaker, Nair has been profiled or quoted in Forbes, Industry Week, Business Finance, and CNBC-Asia. He is author of Activity-Based Information Systems: An Executive’s Guide to Implementation (Wiley).

In this Book

  • Essentials of Balanced Scorecard
  • Overview
  • What Is Balanced Scorecard?
  • From Management to Performance Management
  • Mission, Vision, Values—The Precursor to Balanced Scorecard
  • Six Success Factors to Implementing Balanced Scorecard
  • Success Factor One: Understand Self
  • Success Factor Two: Understand the Balanced Scorecard Learning Cycle
  • Success Factor Three: Know the Road Map for Implemention
  • Success Factor Four: Treat Balanced Scorecard as a Project
  • Success Factor Five: Use Technology as an Enabler
  • Success Factor Six: Cascade the Scorecard
  • Eleven Deadly Sins of Balanced Scorecard
  • The Ultimate Partnership: Balanced Scorecard and Performance Management
  • Endnotes
  • Suggested Readings