Essentials of Strategic Planning in Healthcare, Second Edition

  • 5h 30m
  • Jeffrey P. Harrison
  • Health Administration Press
  • 2016

Essentials of Strategic Planning in Healthcare, Second Edition, fully explains strategic plan development and implementation from conducting an environmental assessment to communicating the plan to stakeholders as well as the factors that influence strategic planning effectiveness, including organizational culture, physician involvement, and planning across the continuum of healthcare services.

This new edition discusses reform-driven changes that impact strategic planning, including the advent of accountable care organizations and patient-centered medical homes. Through the revised and updated comprehensive case study woven throughout the book, readers gain hands-on understanding by applying what they learn as they go. Accompanying exercises test comprehension and reinforce key concepts.

Additional updates include:

  • New, real-life case studies that complement the comprehensive case study that forms the foundation of the book
  • A new chapter on healthcare marketing that discusses the integral role marketing plays in strategic plan implementation
  • New health information technology content, including coverage of big data, the increasing use of mobile devices in healthcare, the growth of telemedicine services, and the importance of the patient portal
  • Discussion of new technologies used to communicate the strategic plan, including the company intranet, videoconferencing, webcasts, and other digital media
  • Expanded discussion of hospital physician integration models and the strategic advantages of partnering with physicians
  • Increased coverage of pay-for-performance initiatives and related terminology, including the Donabedian framework for quality, nurse-sensitive patient outcomes, therapeutic alliances, and value-based purchasing

About the Author

Jeffrey P. Harrison, PhD, FACHE, is a professor of health administration at the University of North Florida. Previously, Dr. Harrison held a wide range of managerial positions, including chief operating officer of a hospital, director of a large medical group, and leader at the health system level. He is founder and president of Harrison Consulting Group, Inc., a healthcare consulting firm. Dr. Harrison has authored more than 40 articles and book chapters on healthcare management and strategic planning.

In this Book

  • Leadership, Mission, Vision, and Culture: The Foundation for Strategic Planning
  • Transformational Leadership Maximizes Strategic Planning
  • Fundamentals of Strategic Planning
  • Strategic Planning and SWOT Analysis
  • Healthcare Marketing
  • Strategic Planning and Health Information Technology
  • Strategic Planning and the Healthcare Business Plan
  • Communicating the Strategic Plan
  • Accountable Care Organizations and Physician Joint Ventures
  • Strategic Planning and Post-Acute Care Services
  • Strategic Planning in Health Systems
  • Pay for Performance and the Healthcare Value Paradigm
  • The Future of Healthcare