Evolving Innovation Ecosystems: A Guide to Open Idea Transformation in the Age of Future Tech

  • 4h 33m
  • Carol L. Stimmel
  • CRC Press
  • 2017

While emerging technologies create massive opportunity, especially for investors and companies that seek more adaptable forms of economic growth than currently available, value is held inert by traditional approaches, patents, and other closed systems. Yet, open data, content, and information may be the key to mass innovation for future technologies, although they bring difficult challenges to private-industry models that depend on the established ideas of intellectual property.

It is from this foundational observation that OpenXFORM (a blending of the words Open and the engineering abbreviation for Transformation) was developed and is explored and described in this book. The intent of the model design is to synthesize an approach to the process of innovation, inspired by natural systems and human-centric design processes. OpenXFORM describes how an open system of innovation can adapt to the unregulated world of information, data, and content; can decompose its own information to release to the open world; and can discover ways to find the points of synergy among the studied and tested methodologies that put human relationships first.

This book presents an explicit innovation process that shows how to move from a breakthrough idea through a process that encourages innovative thinkers to test their assumptions, validate hypotheses, and tune and tweak their ideas, not only to drive solutions for users but also to meet the strategic goals of their companies. The anatomy of innovation through OpenXFORM contains the process for moving ideas from a flight of fancy to an explicit concept that is ready to produce.

About the Author

Carol is an advisor to governments across the globe, NGOs, solutions providers, and private companies. She has founded two companies, engineered complex systems for the US Government, led agile teams, and designed energy management products. In the course of her work, she has won several patents, worked with well-known design teams, and participated in markets experiencing major upheaval.

Carol is a popular speaker, speaking with the expertise of an author of 4 books, including Building Smart Cities: Analytics, ICT, and Design Thinking, Big Data Analytics Strategies for the Smart Grid, The Manager Pool with Don Sherwood Olson, and most recently Evolving Innovation Ecosystems which is a return to her roots in organizational theory.

With over 25 years of experience, Carol applies her breadth of skills to projects with companies and investors who are betting money on high-tech innovation. Deeply optimistic, she provides a wholistic approach creating positive change through an improved approach to sound investment for a sustainable future.

Carol can speak at your event, provide journalistic support for your project (including video work), or contribute to strategic projects. Visit manifestmind.com.

In this Book

  • Reconsidering Information Freedom
  • What Open and Free Means to Innovation
  • Innovation in an Open World
  • Innovation Is Natural
  • Building an Ecosystem
  • An Evolutionary Model for Innovation
  • Setting Organizational Intention
  • OpenXFORM:Ideate
  • OpenXFORM:Explore
  • OpenXFORM:Transform
  • Practicing Innovation