Excel 2007 Miracles Made Easy

  • 2h 4m
  • Bill Jelen
  • Tickling Keys
  • 2007

In this addendum to Learn Excel from Mr. Excel, the amazing new features offered in Excel 2007 are introduced. Revealing the features that make this new version the best new release of Excel since 1997, this guide provides the necessary information to teach users to quickly unleash the powerful new features in Excel 2007, create incredible-looking charts, customize color themes to match their corporate logo, utilize data-visualization tools, and learn Pivot Table improvements.

About the Author

Bill Jelen is the host of MrExcel.com and the author of sixteen books about Microsoft Excel including Special Edition Using Excel 2007, Pivot Table Data Crunching for Excel 2007, VBA & Macros for Microsoft Excel, Learn Excel 2007 from MrExcel, Excel for Marketing Managers and Guerilla Data Analysis Using Microsoft Excel. He has made over 50 guest appearances on TV’s Call for Help with Leo Laporte. You can find him entertaining people with his Power Excel seminar anywhere that a room full of accountants will gather. He has produced over 300 episodes of his daily 2-minute video podcast, available for free for anyone with a computer.

Before founding MrExcel.com in 1998, Jelen spent twelve years “in the trenches”, as a financial analyst for the accounting, finance, marketing, and operations departments of a publicly held company. Since then, his company automates Excel reports for hundreds of clients around the world.

In this Book

  • Excel 2007 Miracles Made Easy
  • Introduction
  • Introducing the Ribbon
  • Where Can I Find That on the Ribbon?
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Taming the QAT & Finding the Mini Bar
  • Unlocking the Big Grid
  • Page Layout View
  • Tables
  • Data Visualizations
  • Sort by Color
  • Removing Duplicates
  • Seeing Totals in the Status Bar
  • Handling Large Blocks of Text
  • Creating Business Diagrams with SmartArt
  • Charting
  • All Text Can Be WordArt
  • Using Picture Tools
  • Handling Error Formulas Using IfError Function
  • New Conditional Sum Functions
  • Almost New Functions
  • AutoSum Tricks
  • Investigating Formulas
  • Formula Bar Tricks
  • Back into an Answer Using Goal Seek
  • Quick Translations
  • Preventing Distribution of Hidden Information
  • Finding Records with Filter
  • Pivot Tables
  • Fill Handle Tricks
  • Creating and Using Custom Lists
  • Joining Text
  • Splitting Apart Text
  • Adding Subtotals Automatically
  • Adding Subtotals Automatically
  • Recording a Macro
  • Solving Simultaneous Equations
  • Cool Uses for Excel – Solving Sudoku
  • Calculating Texas Hold-Em Probabilities
  • Download Cool Spreadsheets from Office Online
  • Get Excel Answers from the MrExcel.com Board
  • Document Themes & Cell Styles Across Microsoft Office


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