Excel Data Cleansing Straight to the Point

  • 25m
  • Oz du Soleil
  • Tickling Keys
  • 2019

This Straight to the Point guide provides an introduction to data cleansing, which also goes by names such as data munging and data wrangling. Whatever the name, it basically means doing what needs to be done to make data useful and trustworthy. Data cleansing can include the following tasks:Deleting unnecessary headersDeleting summary rowsFilling in gapsFlattening a reportMerging and appending data from multiple sourcesPulling data from source X to complete data in source YSplitting names from addressesIdentifying and deleting duplicate recordsConverting units of measurement in multiple sources

In this Book

  • Correcting Names—Proper Case
  • Comparing Lists—What's Over Here that's not Over There?
  • Peeling, Parsing, and Segmenting
  • Identifying Duplicate Records: Fuzzy Matching
  • Merging and Appending Multiple Workbooks
  • From Useless to Useful—Flattening a Report