Excel for Auditors

  • 1h 32m
  • Bill Jelen, Dwayne K. Dowell
  • Tickling Keys
  • 2007

Providing the tools and techniques necessary for finding errors and fraud in audits, this guide for auditors looking to better validate their Microsoft Excel spreadsheets provides techniques for performing a risk assessment and gathering spreadsheet and other data from company systems. Performing audit data analysis using data and analytical management functions and pinpointing the common errors in spreadsheets with focused Excel tests is discussed, as are the best practices for error and fraud prevention when developing spreadsheets. This reference is fully updated to reflect Excel 12.

About the Authors

Bill Jelen is the host of MrExcel.com. You can catch him at one of his Power Excel Seminars around the country or on his daily two-minute video podcast. He is the author of twelve books about Microsoft Excel, including Pivot Table Data Crunching and Guerilla Data Analysis Using Microsoft Excel. He has made over 50 guest appearances on TV's Call for Help with Leo Laporte.

Before founding MrExcel.com in 1998, Jelen spent twelve years "in the trenches", as a financial analyst for the accounting, finance, marketing, and operations departments of a publicly held company. Since then, his company automates Excel reports for hundreds of clients around the world.

Dwayne K. Dowell is the founder of Dwayne K. Dowell, PSC, a CPA firm located in Louisville, KY. In addition to be a Certified Public Accountant, Dwayne is a Certified Fraud Examiner and Certified Internal Auditor. His work history includes over 21 years of experience, with fourteen years in public accounting and over seven years in private industry as a Chief Financial Officer in the health care industry.

He is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, the Institute of Internal Auditors, the Institute of Managerial Accountants, and the Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists

In this Book

  • Copying a Worksheet
  • Showing Numbers in Thousands
  • Quickly Seeing Sum or Average
  • Adding Subtotals
  • Quickly Filling a Series
  • Using a Fixed Value in Your Formula
  • Replacing a Thousand Formulas with One
  • Highlighting Outliers
  • Turning Your Data on Its Side with Transpose
  • Joining Text
  • Looking up Data
  • Sorting Your Data
  • Dealing with Dates
  • Analyzing Data with Pivot Tables
  • Analyzing Results by Date
  • Creating a Random Sample From a Dataset
  • Finding and Analyzing Records Using AutoFilter
  • Formula Auditing
  • Matching Two Lists
  • Finding Duplicates or Unique Values
  • Finding Missing Dates in Data
  • Automating Excel with VBA
  • Conclusion