Excel Insights: A Microsoft MVP Guide to the Best Parts of Excel

  • 4h 26m
  • 24 Excel MVPs
  • Tickling Keys
  • 2020

Learn favorite techniques from this group of twenty-two Excel MVPs. The Excel MVPs are friends and competitors who each pulled out their favorite tricks to impress you and their fellow MVPs.

About the Author

Microsoft MVPs are technology experts who have very deep knowledge of Microsoft products. Each year, Microsoft recognizes experts who have shown a passion for sharing that knowledge with the community. This book is written by twenty four Excel MVPs: Jon Acampora, Liam Bastick, Leila Gharani, Mike Girvin, Roger Govier, Frederic le Guen, Mathieu Guindon, Ingeborg Hawighorst, Tim Heng, Wyn Hopkins, Ian Huitson, Bill Jelen, Tony de Jonker, Gašper Kamenšek, John MacDougall, Dave Paradi, Jon Peltier, Jan Karel Pieterse, Ken Puls, Oz du Soleil, Hervé Thiriez, Mynda Treacy, Henk Vlootman, and Charles Williams.

In this Book

  • Smart Uses of Custom Number Formatting
  • Ctrl + Enter
  • Auto-Magically Master INDEX MATCH (and Other Formulas)
  • Relative Named Ranges – When Named Ranges Go Walkabout
  • An Introduction to Excel's New Data Types
  • A Look to the Future – Dynamic Arrays
  • XLOOKUP Debuts in Excel
  • Why the Love / Hate for Pie Charts?
  • Intermediate Charting in Excel
  • Creating Charts for Presentations
  • Advanced Filter
  • Power Query: Manipulate Your Data Like a Pro
  • Combine All Files in a Folder
  • Power Query M Code Approximate Match Lookup Formula
  • The Power Behind the Boringest Sentence in Excel
  • Understanding Context in Power Pivot
  • Thinking Through the Modelling of a Seating Chart
  • Financial Modelling
  • Creative Excel Model Development
  • An Introduction to Simulation in Excel
  • Staying out of Trouble
  • Make Your Own VBA Worksheet Functions
  • An Overview of Modern VBA Best Practices