Executive's Guide to Cyber Risk: Securing the Future Today

  • 3h 16m
  • Siegfried Moyo
  • John Wiley & Sons (US)
  • 2022

A solid, non-technical foundation to help executives and board members understand cyber risk

In the Executive's Guide to Cyber Risk: Securing the Future Today, distinguished information security and data privacy expert Siegfried Moyo delivers an incisive and foundational guidance for executives tasked with making sound decisions regarding cyber risk management. The book offers non-technical, business-side executives with the key information they need to understand the nature of cyber risk and its impact on organizations and their growth.

In the book, readers will find:

  • Strategies for leading with foresight (as opposed to hindsight) while maintaining the company’s vision and objectives
  • Focused, jargon-free explanations of cyber risk that liken it to any other business risk
  • Comprehensive discussions of the fundamentals of cyber risk that enable executive leadership to make well-informed choices

Perfect for chief executives in any functional area, the Executive’s Guide to Cyber Risk also belongs in the libraries of board members, directors, managers, and other business leaders seeking to mitigate the risks posed by malicious actors or from the failure of its information systems.

About the Author

Siegfried Moyo (Madrid, Spain) has 15+ years hands-on experience in information security enhancing cyber resilience and managing cyber risk, from a technical and advisory standpoint, to leading teams in information security and data privacy, to enable business/enterprise to meet objectives and goals. He is Manager Information Security and Data Privacy EU Region/Business Information Security Officer at Philip Morris International l(Madrid). He is responsible for supporting markets within the EU on information Security and data privacy for all related domains. In addition, he identifies gaps in defences and prioritizes them based on risk in alignment. Prior to being based in Madrid, he was Manager Information Security and Data Privacy/Business Information Security Officer at Philip Morris International responsible for the Middle East, Africa, and Southeast Europe.

In this Book

  • Foreword
  • Cyber Strategy
  • Cyber Value
  • Cyber Compliance
  • Cyber Culture
  • Cyber Resilience