Expert Oracle PL/SQL

  • 5h 17m
  • Michael McLaughlin, Ron Hardman
  • Oracle Press
  • 2005

Push your PL/SQL programming skills to the next level with the extensive information contained in this volume. You’ll learn how to write dynamic PL/SQL programs, interface with Oracle databases, execute complex calculations, and handle error conditions using advanced techniques. Plus, you’ll get the latest on the PL/SQL Toolkit, Java integration, code threading, and performance optimizing. Oracle professionals Ron Hardman and Michael McLaughlin cover all the bases, providing real-world examples, undocumented tricks, syntax samples, and unique solutions for every topic.

  • Compile high performance PL/SQL scripts using procedures, functions, packages and triggers
  • Trap, trace, identify, and eliminate compile-time and runtime errors
  • Manage error propagation, stacks, regular expressions, and metacharacters
  • Exploit definer’s-rights and invoker’s-rights architectures
  • Extend PL/SQL functionality using server-side and internal Java class libraries
  • Build and run parallel PL/SQL program units using DBMS_JOB and DBMS_PIPE
  • Exploit definer’s-rights and invoker’s-rights architectures
  • Tune performance using statistics gathering, the PL/SQL optimizer, SQL Trace, DBMS_STATS, and TKPROF
  • Use Oracle Text with PL/SQL Server Pages to perform theme/gist extraction, highlighting, stemming, fuzzy, and wildcard searching
  • Administer server-side PL/SQL Toolkit web pages and PL/SQL Server Pages
  • Secure, encrypt, and transmit data using DBMS_CRYPTO, UTL_COMPRESS, DBMS_DATAPUMP, and DBMS_FILE_TRANSFER

About the Authors

Ron Hardman is an application developer with Academy School District 20 in Colorado Springs, CO, and is founder of Peak Retrieval LLC, a company devoted to information retrieval technologies including Oracle Text. Prior to working at the school district, Ron was a Senior Principal Analyst at Oracle specializing in performance tuning, and was an Oracle Database Developer and Consultant with SAIC and Commerce One. He was given the Oracle ACE award by OTN in 2005, and is a frequent presenter on the topics of Information Retrieval, Oracle Text, and PL/SQL at conferences worldwide. Ron is coauthor of Oracle Database 10g PL/SQL Programming, and is a frequent contributor to the OTN forums.

Michael McLaughlin is a professor at BYU - Idaho in the Information Systems Department of the Business and Communication School and founder of, a company focused on application development and development technologies. He worked at Oracle Corporation for over eight years in consulting, development, and support, working with the database, tools, and Oracle E-Business Suite. Prior to his tenure at Oracle Corporation, he worked as an Oracle developer, systems and business analyst, and DBA beginning with Oracle 6. He is a coauthor of Oracle Database 10g PL/SQL Programming. He presents at Oracle User Group meetings.

In this Book

  • Introduction to Advanced Concepts, Patterns, and Techniques
  • PL/SQL Internals
  • Debugging PL/SQL Applications
  • Invoker's-Rights Architecture
  • Extending PL/SQL with Java Libraries
  • Implementing PL/SQL Objects
  • Threading PL/SQL Execution
  • High Performance PL/SQL
  • Introduction to Information Retrieval
  • Introduction to Regular Expressions
  • Leveraging the PL/SQL Toolkit
  • Managing the Database