Exploring Culture: Exercises, Stories and Synthetic Cultures

  • 3h 19m
  • Geert Hofstede, Gert Jan Hofstede, Paul B. Pedersen
  • Nicholas Brealey Publishing
  • 2002

Exploring Culture brings Geert Hofstede’s five dimensions of national culture to life. Gert Jan Hofstede and his co-authors Paul Pedersen and Geert Hofstede introduce synthetic cultures, the ten “pure” cultural types derived from the extremes of the five dimensions. The result is a playful book of practice that is firmly rooted in theory.

Part light, part serious, but always thought-provoking, this unique book approaches training through the three-part process of building awareness, knowledge, and skills. It leads the reader through the first two components with more than 75 activities, dialogues, stories, and incidents. The Synthetic Culture Laboratory and two full simulations fulfill the skill-building component. Exploring Culture is suitable for students, trainers, coaches and educators. It can be used for individual study or as a text, and it serves as an excellent partner to Geert Hofstede’s popular Cultures and Organizations.

About the Authors

Gert Jan Hofstede, son of Geert Hofstede, is a senior researcher in Information Technology at Wageningen University in the Netherlands. He has designed group events and exercises for cross-cultural learning in many countries.

Paul B. Pedersen is Professor Emeritus at Syracuse University in the Department of Human Services, School of Education. He is a well-known author and authority on cross-cultural counseling.

Geert Hofstede is an international authority on cross-cultural social psychology and is co-founder of the Institute for Research on Intercultural Cooperation at Tilburg University in the Netherlands, where he also serves as a senior fellow.

In this Book

  • Exploring Culture
  • Foreword
  • Introduction
  • Worlds Apart in One Village
  • Culture—The Rules of the Social Game
  • The Ten Synthetic Culture Profiles
  • Getting to Know the Synthetic Cultures
  • Dialogues in Synthetic Culture Role
  • Summing Up
  • Group Work for Cross-Cultural Learning
  • Using Synthetic Cultures in Simulations
  • The Trade Mission
  • Follow-the-Sun Global Technology Team
  • References