Exponential: Transform Your Brand by Empowering Instead of Interrupting

  • 2h 48m
  • Jeff Rosenblum
  • McGraw-Hill
  • 2022

Great brands stand for more than just cool products and clever advertisements. They inspire audiences. They enrich communities. They energize people. They move people’s lives forward. Most importantly, great brands don’t just interrupt: they empower. And that empowerment leads to exponential growth.

Over the past 20 years, Jeff Rosenblum and his team at Questus have created content and campaigns for Apple, Capital One, Disney, The NFL, Samsung, Starbucks, Universal, Wyndham, Verizon and many more of the world’s most iconic brands. In Exponential, he turns that wealth of experience into a comprehensive program for modern advertising and business strategy.

The book makes a passionate case that business leaders need to shift away from interruptions and superficial messages to focus on empowerment, culture, values, leadership, and transparency. With engaging stories and revealing brand examples, Exponential shows how brands can:

  • Produce exponential growth by shifting from interruptions to empowerment
  • Create brand evangelists with content that informs and inspires
  • Embrace transparency and culture to tell authentic brand stories
  • Generate massive ROI throughout the purchase journey

Exponential is about storytelling done right, and the book practices what it preaches. It’s packed with colorful anecdotes from Rosenblum’s own career and clear examples of brands that grew exponentially. With a light touch, it unpacks heavy insights from neuroscience, market research, and big data, outlining what it takes for brands to truly be great and not merely say they are great.

In this Book

  • Introduction to the Advertising Revolution
  • Modern Advertising is a Value Exchange
  • This is Your Brain on Advertising
  • Your Brand is Your Most Important Asset
  • Leveraging the Consumer Journey
  • The Why and How of Culture
  • Selling the Big Idea
  • Prepare to Go Exponential