Extending Gatsby: Create a Blog Site Using MDX, CDN, and Netlify

  • 1h 18m
  • Nabendu Biswas
  • Apress
  • 2021

Expand your Gatsby development skills by building a production-ready blog website. This book teaches you how to use Gatsby alongside the latest technologies including MDX, CDN, and Netlify.

In this project, you will create a very complex and large blog site with just MDX files and learn to optimize images using CDN for faster website loading. You will also learn to continuously deploy to Netlify enabling you to provide daily site updates easily. To get the most out of this book you should be comfortable with the basics of React and familiar with Gatsby fundamentals as covered in Foundation Gatsby Projects, which provides several stepping stone projects.

Rather than cover how to create a simple blog site, Extending Gatsby goes beyond the basics to extend your blogging skills.

What You'll Learn

  • Develop a production-ready, complex, blogging system site with MDX
  • Learn to make a complete mobile site
  • Continuously deploy your site using Netlify
  • Add functionalities with the powerful Gatsby plugin ecosystem

Who This Book Is For

This book is for developers who are familiar with Gatsby and are looking to create an extended blog site. Knowledge of React is expected. You will also need to be familiar with JavaScript concepts and be confident with basic web development.

About the Author

Nabendu Biswas is a full stack JavaScript developer who has been working in the IT industry for the past 15 years and has worked for some of the world’s top development firms and investment banks. He is a passionate tech blogger who publishes on dev.to and medium.com and on thewebdev.tech. He is an all-round nerd, passionate about everything JavaScript, React and Gatsby. You can find him on Twitter @nabendu82.

In this Book

  • Setting up the Blog Site
  • Adding gatsby-plugin-mdx to the Site
  • Adding Author Details to the Blog Site
  • Adding Functionality to the Site
  • Adding a Series Feature
  • Deploying the Site in Netlify
  • Adding Gatsby Plug-ins to the Site
  • New Features and Fixes