Extending SSIS with .NET Scripting: A Toolkit for SQL Server Integration Services

  • 4h 49m
  • Joost van Rossum, Régis Baccaro
  • Apress
  • 2015

Extending SSIS with .NET Scripting is a timeless and comprehensive scripting toolkit for SQL Server Integration Services to solve a wide array of everyday problems that SSIS developers encounter. The detailed explanation of the Script Task and Script Component foundations helps you develop your own scripting solutions, but this book also shows a broad arsenal of readymade and well-documented scripting solutions for common problems. All examples are in both C# and VB.NET, and work for all current versions of SSIS.

SSIS is one of the leading ETL, Data Consolidation, and Data Transformation tools in today’s market. SSIS is used by ETL Developers, DBAs and Data Analysts to transform data as required for different ETL processes. There are many built-in components and tasks to help developers to perform actions. For example, there are tasks for sending and receiving files through FTP, sending an email, and for accessing a wide range of database management systems. Yet there are times when developers require a task or component that does not exist and it would make their life much easier if they could create that task or component, and that is what this book it is about. It shows how to write .NET scripts and use the powerful Microsoft .NET library to implement new functionality as needed.

  • Provides a timeless scripting toolkit for all current SSIS versions
  • Gives a comprehensive explanation of scripting in SSIS
  • Offers a wide array of readymade examples for everyday problems

About the Author

Joost van Rossum is a Data Warehouse / Business Intelligence consultant for over 10 years with a focus on the Microsoft SQL Server stack and especially on SQL Server Integration Services. He speaks, writes and blogs (http://microsoft-ssis.blogspot.com) about SSIS and related matters. He is a moderator for the Microsoft Developer Network for the SQL Server Integration Services forum and an active volunteer for the PASS Chapter in the Netherlands. In 2014 he was awarded with an MVP award for SQL Server. You can find him on twitter at @SSISJoost

Régis Baccaro was born from the illegitimate alliance of C# and Business Intelligence in a SharePoint farm. He currently works as a Principal Consultant in Denmark mainly doing architecture, mentoring and performance tuning of large SQL Server DataWarehouses installations. He blogs at http://theblobfarm.wordpress.com and he is the founder of SQL Saturday Denmark, an active member of the European SQL Server community and a top-rated speaker at SQL Server conferences. When not working on a SQL Server you can find him cooking, running or farming on his Danish island. He tweets at @regbac.

In this Book

  • Getting Started with SSIS and Scripting
  • Script Task vs. Script Component
  • .NET Fundamentals
  • Script Task
  • File Properties
  • Working Through the Internet and the Web
  • Working with Web Services and XML
  • Advanced Solutions with Script Task
  • Script Component Foundation
  • Script Component as Source
  • Script Component Transformation
  • Script Component as Destination
  • Regular Expressions
  • Script Component Reflection
  • Web Services
  • Create a Custom Task
  • Create Custom Transformation
  • Package Creation
  • Package Execution from .NET