Facilitation Skills: Focused Communication Processes in Groups

  • 4h 12m
  • Stefan Gross
  • Springer
  • 2023

This book provides a compact and well-founded set of facilitation skills for all who want to successfully lead meetings, workshops or project rounds. In this way, it is possible to guide the respective communication process to results in a focused, effective and efficient manner - whether online or face-to-face.

Stefan Gross shows how guiding questions, methodical impulses, differentiated perception, a clear attitude and specific formats of participation help to achieve sustainable and smart results in groups.

"This practical book provides a contemporary handout for the many challenges facing dynamic facilitation." Kai Beiderwellen, Mannheim University of Applied Sciences

"The book is an invitation to deepen and reflexively develop one's own role." Wolfgang Widulle, Socialnet.de

About the Author

Stefan Gross facilitates, guides and consults individuals, groups and organizations in decision-making, learning and innovation processes. He is also a visiting faculty at various universities in Germany, Switzerland and Nepal.

In this Book

  • Foreword
  • Why Facilitation?
  • What Characterizes Good Facilitation?
  • Using Methods Correctly
  • Managing Group Processes
  • Distinguishing Tasks and Causes
  • Including Organization and Context
  • Establishing Relationship and Contact
  • Developing Role Clarity and Self-Image
  • Using Visualization Effectively
  • Virtual Facilitation
  • Learning to Facilitate
  • Further Reading