Five Steps to Strengthen Ethics in Organizations and Individuals: Effective Strategies Informed by Research and History

  • 1h 40m
  • Kenneth S. Pope
  • Taylor and Francis
  • 2018

Five Steps to Strengthen Ethics in Organizations and Individuals draws on research and history to present effective tools to strengthen organizational ethics. Focusing on key topics such as the planning fallacy, moral disengagement, moral courage, the illusion of ethical superiority, confirmation bias, groupthink, whistleblowers, mindfulness and mindlessness, making authentic apologies, and more, this book discusses specific positive actions that get results and avoid common pitfalls. Research findings and examples from organizations—including missteps by the Veterans Administration, Penn State University, the APA, General Motors, Enron, and Wells Fargo—inform the strategies this book presents and highlight lessons in organizational ethics. Scholars, researchers, professionals, administrators, students, and others interested in organizational studies and ethics will find this unique book essential in training and practice.

In this Book

  • Understanding the Challenges and Seizing the Opportunities to Strengthen Ethics in Organizations and Individuals
  • A Remarkable Organization Runs Into Trouble
  • Making Codes Work
  • "Your Call Is Very Important to Us": Finding and Closing Gaps
  • Waking the Watchdogs: Overcoming Silence and Gaining Strength From Critics, Whistleblowers, and Bearers of Bad News
  • Recognizing and Avoiding Common Stumbles Over Heuristics and Other Sources of Bias
  • Finding Moral Courage and Putting It to Work