Fundamentals and Applications of Microfluidics, Third Edition

  • 11h 17m
  • Nam-Trung Nguyen, Seyed Ali Mousavi Shaegh, Steven Wereley
  • Artech House
  • 2019

Now in its Third Edition, the Artech House bestseller, Fundamentals and Applications of Microfluidics, provides engineers and students with the most complete and current coverage of this cutting-edge field. This revised and expanded edition provides updated discussions throughout and features critical new material on microfluidic power sources, sensors, cell separation, organ-on-chip and drug delivery systems, 3D culture devices, droplet-based chemical synthesis, paper-based microfluidics for point-of-care, ion concentration polarization, micro-optofluidics and micro-magnetofluidics.

The book shows how to take advantage of the performance benefits of microfluidics and serves as an instant reference for state-of-the-art microfluidics technology and applications. Readers find discussions on a wide range of applications, including fluid control devices, gas and fluid measurement devices, medical testing equipment, and implantable drug pumps. Professionals get practical guidance in choosing the best fabrication and enabling technology for a specific microfluidic application, and learn how to design a microfluidic device. Moreover, engineers get simple calculations, ready-to-use data tables, and rules of thumb that help them make design decisions and determine device characteristics quickly.

In this Book

  • Introduction
  • Fluid Mechanics Theory
  • Fabrication Techniques for Microfluidics
  • Experimental Flow Characterization
  • Microfluidics for External Flow Control
  • Microfluidics for Internal Flow Control—Microvalves
  • Microfluidics for Internal Flow Control—Micropumps
  • Microfluidics for Internal Flow Control—Microflow Sensors
  • Microfluidics for Life Sciences and Chemistry—Microneedles
  • Microfluidics for Life Sciences and Chemistry—Micromixers
  • Microfluidics for Life Sciences and Chemistry—Microdispensers
  • Microfluidics for Life Sciences and Chemistry—Microfilters and Microseparators
  • Microfluidics for Life Sciences and Chemistry—Microreactors