Fundamentals of Financial Instruments: An Introduction to Stocks, Bonds, Foreign Exchange, and Derivatives

  • 9h 4m
  • Sunil Parameswaran
  • John Wiley & Sons (US)
  • 2011

Fundamentals of Financial Instruments deals with the global financial markets and the instruments in which they trade. While most books on finance tend to be heavily mathematical, this book emphasizes the concepts in a logical, sequential fashion, introducing mathematical concepts only at the relevant times. As a result, the reader gains conceptual clarity reinforced by just the right level of technical detail to ensure a comprehensive exposure to the skills needed in the financial world.

  • Establishes a strong foundation for understanding global markets
  • Acts as an invaluable resource for those considering a career in the financial markets
  • Offers an accessible yet in-depth treatise on modern financial instruments
  • Presents a logical navigational path for a typical student of finance who is attempting to come to terms with the intricacies of the subject

Covering the fundamentals of various types of assets in a single volume, Fundamentals of Financial Instruments is a compact yet comprehensive one-stop reference for students and professionals in finance and economics.

About the Authors

Sunil K. Parameswaran is a Professor of Finance at the T.A. Pai Management Institute in Manipal, where he anchors courses in the area of Finance. His primary areas of interest are Securities Markets, Financial Derivatives, Fixed Income Securities, International Finance, and Banking. For the past seven years Dr. Parameswaran has also been a corporate trainer and management consultant. He has delivered training programs on Global Securities Markets and Global Banking to many multinational IT firms located in India including WIPRO Technologies, HCL Technologies, MINDTREE Consulting; JPMorgan Chase, Société Générale, ANZ Information Technology, and Kanbay (now a part of Cap Gemini). Dr. Parameswaran also has several years of teaching experience at leading business schools in the U.S., Singapore, Australia, and India.

Dr. Parameswaran obtained his Ph.D. in Finance from the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University in North Carolina, U.S.A. He obtained his M.B.A. from the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore. A prolific writer, he has published several books, primarily in the field of Financial Derivatives.

In this Book

  • Fundamentals of Financial Instruments—An Introduction to Stocks, Bonds, Foreign Exchange, and Derivatives
  • Preface
  • An Introduction to Financial Institutions, Instruments, and Markets
  • Mathematics of Finance
  • Equity Shares, Preferred Shares, and Stock Market Indexes
  • Bonds
  • Money Markets
  • Forward and Futures Contracts
  • Options Contracts
  • Foreign Exchange
  • Mortgages and Mortgage-Backed Securities
  • Swaps
  • Bibliography