Game Physics Engine Development: How to Build a Robust Commercial-Grade Physics Engine for your Game, Second Edition

  • 8h 11m
  • Ian Millington
  • Taylor and Francis
  • 2010

Physics is really important to game programmers who need to know how to add physical realism to their games. They need to take into account the laws of physics when creating a simulation or game engine, particularly in 3D computer graphics, for the purpose of making the effects appear more real to the observer or player. The game engine needs to recognize the physical properties of objects that artists create, and combine them with realistic motion.

The physics ENGINE is a computer program that you work into your game that simulates Newtonian physics and predict effects under different conditions. In video games, the physics engine uses real-time physics to improve realism.

This is the only book in its category to take readers through the process of building a complete game-ready physics engine from scratch. The Cyclone game engine featured in the book was written specifically for this book and has been utilized in iPhone application development and Adobe Flash projects. There is a good deal of master-class level information available, but almost nothing in any format that teaches the basics in a practical way. The second edition includes NEW and/or revised material on collision detection, 2D physics, casual game physics for Flash games, more references, a glossary, and end-of-chapter exercises.

  • A truly accessible text that allows even novice programmers to create powerful physics engines for their games.
  • Covers particle effects, flight simulation, car pysics, crates, destructible objects, cloth and ragdolls, and more.
  • Supports each new concept with diagrams, code, end-of-chapter exercises and resources.
  • This edition includes completely NEW material on: collision detection, 2D physics, casual game physics for Flash games.

About the Author

Ian Millington is a partner of IPR Ventures, a consulting company developing next-generation AI technologies for entertainment, modeling, and simulation. Previously he founded Mindlathe Ltd, the largest specialist AI middleware company in computer games, working with on a huge range of game genres and technologies. He has a long background in AI, including PhD research in complexity theory and natural computing. He has published academic and professional papers and articles on topics ranging from paleontology to hypertext.

In this Book

  • Introduction
  • The Mathematics of Particles
  • The Laws of Motion
  • The Particle Physics Engine
  • Adding General Forces
  • Springs and Spring-Like Things
  • Hard Constraints
  • The Mass Aggregate Physics Engine
  • The Mathematics of Rotations
  • Laws of Motion for Rigid Bodies
  • The Rigid-Body Physics Engine
  • Collision Detection
  • Generating Contacts
  • Collision Resolution
  • Resting Contacts and Friction
  • Stability and Optimization
  • Putting It all Together
  • Physics in Two Dimensions
  • Other Programming Languages
  • Other Types of Physics


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