Getting StartED with Google Apps

  • 8h 15m
  • Adam Darbyshire, Paul Darbyshire
  • Apress - ex-Peer Information
  • 2010

How would you like to share your calendar, access your e-mail or create and share documents, all online from your smartphone/mobile device, netbook, or desktop? If you answered yes, then you should know that the best of all these online applications and services are being offered for free, from one of the Internet’s biggest names, Google. These apps are in an online suite of productivity and fun applications called Google Apps.

Getting StartED with Google Apps gets you started collaborating and creating with Google’s online suite of applications on the Chrome operating system – analogous to using Microsoft Office on Windows. The differences are that Google Apps and Chrome are mostly free and run entirely on the Web.

With this book, you get clear and easy-to-use instructions for getting up and running with basic Google apps like Gmail, Google Voice, and more. Moreover, you get detailed visuals and step-by-step explanations on the more sophisticated Google Apps like Google Docs, Spreadsheets, Presentations, and more. So get going and have some fun while you’re at it.

What you’ll Learn

  • How to use Google’s suite of online applications, Google Apps
  • How to set up your home office or company on Google Apps
  • How to create a collaborative Google Apps environment and online network
  • How to create, edit and share your Google Docs online
  • How to communicate and educate with online video
  • How to create websites for yourself, your organization or the world
  • How to organize and share your online calendar
  • How to set up and manage organizational e-mail with custom domains

About the Authors

Paul Darbyshire has been lecturing, first within the School of Information Systems, then within the School of Management and Information Systems at Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia, for more than 23 years. Paul worked as a software programmer, then as an analyst/programmer for a number of firms, before becoming an academic at Victoria University. Paul graduated with a BSc (Hons) in pure mathematics from Monash University in 1980, then with a Graduate qualification in Computer Science at Melbourne University in 1984. Paul also graduated with a Masters by research in Engineering (software) in 1998, and he is currently working his way towards his PhD. Since becoming an academic, Paul has developed a keen interest in a number of areas, including AI, simulation, techniques, teaching programming, and, in particular, on-line learning. Paul has also been teaching on-line for the Department of Computer Science at University of Liverpool through the school's on-line MSc since 1999. Paul has authored and co-authored a number of academic conference papers, journal articles, and chapters on various topics; he is also a member of the ACM.

Adam Darbyshire is a Licensed Investigator who has enjoyed trying out many different career paths. Adam has a student pilot's license, and he is an experienced computer technician who specializes in computer security. Adam has a BSc from Victoria University, and he is currently studying for a Masters in eForensics and Enterprise Security at Melbourne University. Adam runs a business that provides services to the legal industry and specializes in electronic process service over mediums such as e-mail or Facebook.

In this Book

  • Getting Started with Chrome
  • Gmail
  • Introduction to Google Docs
  • Google Docs - Document
  • Google Docs - Spreadsheets
  • Google Docs - Presentations
  • Forms
  • Calendar
  • Google Sites
  • Google Maps
  • Google Talk
  • Blogger
  • Integrating Google Apps


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