Getting Started with Microsoft Viva: An End User Guide to Business Transformation

  • 2h 3m
  • Albert-Jan Schot, D'arce Hess, Tracy van der Schyff
  • Apress
  • 2023

Use the power of analytics, knowledge management, and discovery for improved employee retention and insight to the unique collaborative and learning needs of your organization using Viva, Microsoft’s new employee experience platform.

This book introduces you to the four central tenets of Microsoft Viva, a platform designed to improve communication, knowledge, learning, and insight within an organization. The authors, all Microsoft MVPs and early users of Viva, share their first-hand experiences and knowledge to teach you how to configure, utilize, and adopt Viva Topics, Viva Connections, Viva Learning, and Viva Insights to drive knowledge management and discovery within an organization.

In Part I, you will learn how to classify data and topics within your organization, and learn how the use of AI can bring to life the discovery of knowledge and information related to people and other topics, allowing for better understanding and clarity of the content you see every day. In Part II, you will learn how to bring the power of SharePoint Syntex and Viva Topics into Microsoft Teams.

In Part III, you will learn how to build a shared learning portal in Microsoft Teams using your own training materials, or bringing in third-party resources such as LinkedIn Learning and Skillsoft to connect directly to your employees. Managers will appreciate the ability to assign learning topics to users and gain the skills needed to create a fundamental process around learning consolidation. In Part IV, you will be introduced to Viva Insights, and understand how to discover vital analytics for individuals, managers, and leaders. You will also learn how it supports your company’s greatest asset, your employees.

What You Will Learn

  • Understand the basics of Viva to get up and running in no time
  • Configure each vertical of Microsoft Viva
  • Know the roles and pre-requisites for installation and configuration
  • Organize and think about your content for discovery and relationships
  • Deliver learning through an optimized experience for managers and users
  • Leverage the power of SharePoint within Teams using Viva Connections

Who This Book Is For

Management, end users, and system administrators who want to step up their knowledge management, better train and retain employees, and improve access to internal content. The book is designed for businesses that want to transform the way they learn about content and people within their organization, with the end objective of making their business grow and thrive.

About the Author

D’arce Hess is a Senior Cloud Architect at CloudWay. For more than 10 years, she has specialized in the creation of custom portals and experiences in SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, and Office365. As a UI/UX Designer and Developer, D’arce uses industry and Microsoft best practices as a base for creating solutions that simplify processes, drive user adoption, and governance from the start. As a recognized Microsoft MVP, she has worked with Fortune 500 companies and become a trusted partner to her clients in the industries of healthcare, pharmaceuticals, legal, travel & tourism and entertainment. She loves to volunteer in the community and is the leader of the Rhode Island SharePoint User Group.

Albert-Jan Schot, also known as Appie, lives and breathes Microsoft 365 and it has become second nature to him. He has numerous certifications. With his extensive knowledge, Albert-Jan is a valuable source of information for colleagues. He not only enjoys stepping up to the challenge of designing, developing, and building innovative cloud solutions, but he also has consultancy and training experience. He is active on a range of forums, including blogs as well as on Twitter where he shares his knowledge and passion with others. Over the years, he has presented at several national and international user groups and events.

Tracy van der Schyff is an Office Servers and Business Applications MVP. She has published more than a thousand thought leadership and technical articles focused on Microsoft 365 and produced hundreds of training videos to teach and support the Microsoft Community. An international keynote and conference speaker, her passion is to "facilitate the evolution of human capabilities" and she does this by sharing her Microsoft 365, Change Management, Adoption, and Training knowledge enthusiastically.

In this Book

  • Introduction to Microsoft Viva
  • The Gears That Deliver Microsoft Viva
  • Features and Licensing
  • Microsoft 365 Adoption
  • Introduction to Microsoft Viva Learning
  • Viva Learning for Administrators
  • Viva Learning for Employees and Managers
  • The Intranet
  • Introduction to Microsoft Viva Connections
  • Preparation and Setup
  • Introduction to Viva Topics
  • Configuring Viva Topics
  • Topics’ Role in Knowledge Management
  • Viva Topics’ Roles and Responsibilities
  • Creating and Working with Topics and Topic Pages
  • Employee Well-Being
  • Licensing Viva Insights and Viva Insights Capacity
  • Personal Insights
  • Manager Insights
  • Leader Insights
  • Advanced Insights


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