Global Asset Management: Strategies, Risks, Processes, and Technologies

  • 13h 59m
  • Ingo Walter (eds), Michael Pinedo
  • Palgrave Macmillan Ltd
  • 2013

This book focuses on all major aspects of the asset management industry including its regulations, strategies, processes, applied technologies and risks. It provides a serious resource for readers seeking greater depth and alternative opinions on specific industry developments, and breadth for specialists interested in the dynamics of the industry.

In this Book

  • The Asset Management Industry Dynamics of Growth, Structure and Performance
  • What Do We Know About the Mutual Fund Industry?
  • Macroeconomic Perspectives on the Financial Crisis and Its Aftermath
  • Some Lessons From CDO Markets on Mathematical Models
  • The Credit Crisis of 2007 and Its Implications for Risk Management
  • After the Storm: Four Innovations Changing Investment Management
  • Avoiding International Financial Crises: An Incomplete Reform Agenda
  • Managing Growth and Strategic Risk
  • Wall Street's Management of Risk: Why It Failed
  • Reputational Risk and the Financial Crisis
  • Risk Management for Pension Funds and Endowments
  • A Stitch in Time …
  • Corporate Governance and the Financial Crisis
  • Governance and the Financial Crisis: More Convergence, Less Risk?
  • Financial Regulation and Risk Governance
  • Game Change in Asset Management
  • The Asset Manager's Guide to Sustainable Regulatory Advantage
  • The Interrelationships Between Processes, Costs, and Risks in Asset Management
  • A Best Practices Framework for Operational Infrastructure and Controls in Asset Management
  • Managing Costs at Investment Management Firms
  • Strategic and Tactical Cost Management in the Asset Management Industry
  • Transaction Costs and Asset Management
  • Operational Platform and Growth: A Strategic Challenge
  • Addressing the Data Management Challenge in Asset Management
  • The Use of Advanced Technology in Global Asset Management
  • Fit-For-Future Enterprise Architecture: Supporting Strategic Business Challenges
  • The Strategic Imperative of Creating and Capturing Value
  • Check or Checkmate? Game-Changing Strategies for the Asset Management Industry
  • Designing Products for Reluctant Investors: Applications of Behavioral Finance
  • Current and Future Challenges Faced by Investment Funds
  • Current and Future Challenges Faced by Asset Managers
  • Current and Future Challenges Faced by Pension Funds