Global Business in the Age of Transformation

  • 3h 34m
  • James R. Klein, Mahesh Joshi
  • Oxford University Press (US)
  • 2021

The phenomenon of globalization has been debated for decades. While some voices anticipate the demise of globalization and postulate about a return to former borders and glories, the realities of the world present the undeniable truth that we are all in this together. Unfortunately, it takes a crisis to move us from where we are, and the coronavirus pandemic has served that function.

This book presents a straightforward commentary on the transformative impact of this global interconnective state of economies, business sectors, governments, and cultures. Drawing on insights from academics and practitioners around the world, it takes some of the mystery and anxiety out of common perceptions about economic, cultural, and social transformation and offers approaches for survival in the dramatically changing business environment. By taking a look under the surface of everyday rhetoric, we can have deeper, more meaningful conversations about where we are and reflect realistically on how business can succeed in a global world.

About the Author

Mahesh Joshi, Managing Director, MAN Energy Solutions USA Inc., and James R. Klein, Principal, J.R. Global, LLC

Mahesh Joshi is a Global Business Executive with three decades of global business experience in senior management roles, including as Managing Director at MAN Energy Solutions USA, Chief Executive at Larsen & Toubro Valves, President of Centrifugal Compression at Cameron, Group President, Energy at Circor, and General Manager for Heavy Industrial Products at Ingersoll Rand. He has a Master's in International Strategy and Diplomacy from London School of Economics, an MBA from Murray State University, and a Mechanical Engineering Degree from Delhi Technological University. He has also attended the Oxford Advanced Management and Leadership Program, Harvard business school for Advanced Management Program, and Nirma Institute of Management MBA programme. Mahesh is the host of the radio show Global Business with Mahesh Joshi on

J.R. Klein has been active in social impact finance for more than 40 years. He is an author, thinker, and artist with expertise in organizational structure, cultural sensitivity, pragmatic leadership, planning, and social impact. He has an MBA and has continued his post-graduate education at Harvard Business School and Saïd Business School, University of Oxford. He has been awarded three master level qualification - post graduate awards in Performance Measurement (HBS), Strategic Perspectives (HBS), and Advanced Management and Leadership (Oxford).

In this Book

  • Foreword
  • The Global Phenomenon
  • Economic Clusters and Emerging Players
  • Rising Stars, Hot Markets, and Brave New Worlds
  • Regulating Global Commerce
  • Ideology versus Ideology
  • Old Beneficiaries, New Critics
  • Geopolitical Fractures
  • Technology as the Driver and Consumer
  • Digitize or Disappear
  • Smart Selling on the E Platform—The Amazing World of Amazon
  • Sector Impact
  • Taking a New Shape
  • Trust in a Splintered World
  • Tool-Box for Change
  • Being Introspective in an Expanding World