Global Trends and Transformations in Culture, Business, and Technology

  • 5h 18m
  • Hamid Yeganeh
  • Business Expert Press
  • 2022

This book offers a concise and analytical portrait of the contemporary world.

The author encompasses concepts and theories from multiple disciplines notably sociology, anthropology, business, and economics to examine major global trends and transformations of the modern world, their underlying causes, and their consequences.

The text examines global demographic trends, globalization, culture, emerging markets, global security, environmental degradation, large corporations, and economic inequality. The author also analyzes major transformations in healthcare, food, the sharing economy, Fourth Industrial Revolution, consumption, work and organization, innovation and various technologies in areas such as automation, robotics, connectivity, quantum computing, and new materials.

This book is a valuable reference for business leaders, managers, students, and all those who are passionate about understanding the rapidly changing contemporary world.

About the Author

Dr. Yeganeh is a professor of business and international management at Winona State University in Minnesota. Professor Yeganeh is a multidisciplinary scholar who has earned his MSc, MBA, and PhD from Université Laval in Québec, Canada. His research has appeared in various journals such as Journal of International Management, International Journal of Conflict Management, Critical Perspectives on International Business, International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy, European Business Review, Personnel Review, and Cross Cultural Management.

In this Book

  • Description
  • Global Demographic Trends
  • Globalization—Transformations and Consequences
  • Culture in the Contemporary World
  • The Changing Landscape of Global Affairs
  • Challenges to Security and Governance
  • The Environmental Degradation
  • The Giant Corporations
  • The Inequality, the Wealth Concentration, and the Super-Rich
  • The Global Health and Well-Being
  • Food and Agriculture
  • The Sharing Economy
  • The Fourth Industrial Revolution
  • The Gig Economy
  • Consumers and Consumption
  • Labor, Work Organization, and Education
  • Innovation and Research
  • Emerging Technologies


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