Glue: How Project Leaders Create Cohesive, Engaged, High-Performing Teams

  • 3h 20m
  • Anh Dao Pham
  • G&D Media
  • 2022
An Essential Guide to Get Stuff Done

How many books have you read on project management? On leadership? Too many, right? But no other book combines the practice of project management and leadership into one balanced approach with practical examples—except this book.

You don’t even need Project Manager in your title to employ the lessons in this book. You can be any person on any team who has stepped up to take a leadership role on a critical initiative.

You’ll learn the critical blend of management and leadership skills that will make you indispensable to any project. You’ll learn what it takes to become the binding agent—the glue—that creates cohesive, engaged, high-performing project teams.

The author’s methods have been battle-tested against real technology projects. Her insight and vision reach beyond theory into application and can be used immediately regardless of the length, scope, or phase of your project—whether it’s planning a wedding, remodeling a home, or leading a team in a major website revamp or product launch or company start-up.

You’ll learn—

  • How to get started when you don’t know much—yet
  • How to lay a solid foundation for your project
  • How to support a project and a team that’s in flight
  • How to communicate (yah, that’s a thing), how to reward (candy works), how to take notes (yes, please), and how to map out the project with Post-its

About the Author

Anh Dao Pham, Vice President, Product and Program Management at, has successfully led technical projects to completion for two decades. She lives with her family in Los Angeles.

In this Book

  • Introduction
  • The Magical Candy Bowl, and Other Tricks to Build Rapport Quickly
  • Be a Hero—Run Productive Meetings
  • The Essential Questions to Ask to Get Any Project Moving
  • The One Skill I’m Always Asked to Teach (It’s Note-Taking. Yes, Really!)
  • Every Successful Leader Synthesizes Information—You Can Too
  • Create Alignment—It’s the Best Way to Motivate Your Team
  • Does Every Project Need a Plan? Nope, Planning Is Optional
  • How to Safely Jump Out of a Plane (Tips for Preempting Risk)
  • Why “One-Size-Fits-All” Processes Backfire
  • How Relay Races Are Won (Hint— It’s in the Handoffs)
  • Three Levers to Keep Your Project On Time and On Budget
  • Negotiate Like a Pro, Even If You Hate Negotiating
  • How to Communicate What’s Most Important
  • When Is Your Project Done? It’s Not What You Think
  • You Already Know How to Lead Change. Embrace It
  • What Motivates Me Every Time I Set Foot in the Office
  • References
  • Thank You for Reading My Book