Green and Sustainable Finance: Principles and Practice

  • 8h 28m
  • Simon Thompson
  • Kogan Page
  • 2021

More than 120 countries have committed to net zero targets by 2050, requiring systemic economic transitions on an unprecedented scale and with the finance sector playing a leading role. Green finance will power the transition, ensuring capital flows to the firms, investments, projects and technologies looking to create a sustainable, low-carbon world.

To achieve net zero, every professional financial decision must take climate change and broader sustainability factors into account. Green and Sustainable Finance provides a comprehensive guide to the application of common green and sustainable principles and practices in banking, investment and insurance to help finance professionals embed these in their daily activities and decision-making.

Focusing on the necessity of mainstreaming green and sustainable finance globally, this book includes a clear explanation of the science underpinning climate change. Green and Sustainable Finance covers a wide range of green finance products and services in retail, commercial and corporate banking, insurance, investment and fintech. It provides an overview of emerging regulation and international market frameworks and standards, particularly in relation to climate and environmental risk. Consideration is also given to the ethical dimensions of green and sustainable finance, including how professionals can promote market integrity and take active steps to avoid greenwashing. Endorsed by the Chartered Banker Institute as the core text for the benchmark Certificate in Green and Sustainable Finance, this book is essential reading for finance professionals and students, and individuals working to embed sustainability in business, policy and regulation.

In this Book

  • An Introduction to Green Finance
  • Green Finance in Our Changing World
  • Building a Sustainable Financial System—International, National, Industry and Institutional Responses
  • Monitoring Flows of Finance and Environmental Performance
  • Risk Management
  • Retail, Commercial and Corporate Banking
  • Green Bonds and Asset-Backed Securities
  • Central and Development Banks
  • Equity Markets and Investment Funds
  • Insurance
  • FinTech in Green Finance
  • Mainstreaming Green Finance